Hello everyone! My name is Christie and my interests completely revolve around the magical world of hair, beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

I am Twenty One years old from Nottinghamshire, I currently live on my own in a little terrace house with my cat Ollie. Borderline cat lady, am I right?

Basically, I begun blogging many years ago and after a while deleted it all when I was at university. I do regret it now, but starting up blogging again in 2015 has really opened my eyes to just how much I loved it. I love discussing beauty products and telling you all about my ordinary day-to-day adventures. I took up blogging, purely due to trying products and wanting to share my thoughts and opinions with other people. I am literally one of them people who review everything! So this is really my perfect platform.

My blog is named 'Christaabelle' as this was my nickname all the way through my college years. I don't know why exactly, but it stuck. I never really had many nicknames as my name isn't great for that. I got called 'Crispy' throughout school which is a name I'm glad never caught on in later life.

I love writing and taking photographs, photography has always been a huge passion of mine. I find myself looking forward to writing every single post, it's all so exciting for me. To know that people are reading it and enjoying it is even more rewarding.