So...What Has Been Happening?

Hello lovelies, 

It feels extremely bizarre typing this post whilst sipping on a glass of wine as I never expected it would be so long between my last post.  I decided to take a break from blogging as a lot has been going on in my life in this past year. I now feel it is time for me to get back into blogging and start sharing things with you all again. I have been buying lots of new products that I am eager to share with you all, so I have some posts I am excited to share with you all shortly. But tonight, I thought I would share with you all some of the things that has happened to me over the last few months.

I have bought my first car and I am not too far from taking my driving test so this is extremely exciting for me! I always knew roughly what sort of car I wanted to buy, but I absolutely fell in love with my new Audi. For a new car, Yeaaaah - I may have gone a tad overboard...but it is so pretty I can't even think of anything else. 

I have also had a birthday and I am now getting old - I am officially 23. It's a sad realisation for me as I type it. For my birthday, we went to a Harry Potter themed afternoon tea and yes it was as awesome as it sounds. They even had golden snitch cakes (I mean COME ON)

I am currently going through my first professional teeth whitening treatment, which is very exciting! I decided it was time to upgrade from high street whitening toothpaste and give it a try! I am on day 9 out of 14. I am really pleased with the results so far and I will definitely be giving my review afterwards! 

Ollie the cat is still being as sassy and high maintenance as ever. Since he had his upgraded pet carrier for Christmas he has really pumped up the attitude. He sits at the vets thinking he is royalty in his ice blue pod carrier looking down on all the other cats - What have I done?! Although I will be honest and say he was much more interested in the box...

We also introduced Ollie to snow and he made his thoughts on it very clear, as shown in this photograph...

Seriously...that face.



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