Buying My First Mulberry

Hello you lovely lot! 

So just before Christmas, I decided to buy myself a Christmas gift. Because lets face it, being single and reliant on a gift from my cat just isn't really life goals or practical. 

I have been an admirer of Mulberry for a LONG time and always wanted to own one of their Bayswater Tote bags. I was shopping in the Mulberry store in Leeds when I discovered the most beautiful thing I had ever seen (Aside from one of the Sales Assistants in the Harvey Nichols store - Like, serrrriously). 

The location in Leeds is just beautiful and the store is inside here on the left at the end. 

I had seen the Bayswater tote I wanted online before, but when I saw it in person it was just incredible. The sales assistant was so nice and she really helped and looked at different bags to ensure I was happy with the grain of the leather. When I decided on a bag and purse I was happy with she placed the bag inside a Mulberry pillow case and carried it to the till upstairs. As I paid for the items she gift wrapped them inside the beautiful Mulberry carrier bags. 

And this is the bag I chose...

I bought the Zipped Bayswater Tote in Black Classic Grain leather with the oxblood interior. I will link the bag and purse below taking you direct to the Mulberry website. I am such a fan of the Mulberry style being so classic and simplistic. 

I am so pleased with my purchase and it has been the greatest purchase I have ever made. The shopping experience as a whole was fantastic. 

No regrets guys. 





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