High Street Face Masks | Tried, Tested & Worth The ££?

Hello everyone! I have been wanting to post this for a while now, I have had several distractions getting in the way of testing them all! Now I can confirm I have in fact tried and tested seven high street face masks with a range of price points. I figured I would give my honest opinion on what I thought of each one! Personally, I have combination skin. My forehead is oily and my cheeks and nose can get a little dry dependent on the weather, but overall my skin is fairly okay with products. I don't have sensitive skin generally, I find certain things irritate my skin, but not often. 
LUSH Cosmetics Rosy Cheeks


Now, I am a bit embarrassed to admit this (especially being such a huge LUSH fan!), but I have never tried a LUSH face mask until now. Overall, I was pretty happy with this product, especially for the price. I found the value for money was excellent as you easily can get a minimum of three uses out of each pot. They do advise you store LUSH face masks in the fridge, so house guests I had do think I'm slightly odd now! My two favourite things about the product were the beautiful scents and the consistency. The smell is beautiful with rose completely coming through as soon as you open the tub. The product is made with a rich, thick consistency making it super easy to apply. Also, an added bonus - you CAN move your face with this mask on! Normally with face masks you feel like your face is glued and you resemble one of those creepy china display dolls. The process is extremely simple - you apply all over your face, I left this on for around 15 minutes and simply washed off. My face felt extremely soft and cleansed afterwards. I would definitely recommend this product and I would purchase this again.

Superdrug Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask


How do I try review this without sounding extremely miserable and negative? I don't think I can I'm afraid. I physically cannot tell you how much I hated this product. The smell was absolutely horrendous, I actually tried this one earlier and I still have a headache from the scent. It was a combination between Manuka Honey and Camomile and I physically could not wait to take the face mask off. Remember when you were thirteen and you'd have girls nights in with your friends wearing budget face masks you'd picked up with your pocket money. That is exactly what this product reminds me of! The product is in a sachet form and is extremely difficult to get the out to apply to your face. They advise that you should leave the face mask on for 15-20 minutes, however, I barely managed 10 minutes as I could not cope with the smell. I didn't feel any difference to my skin, but this may have been down to the short length of time I wore the mask for, in fairness. The mask is peel-off - I am a HUGE fan of peel-off masks, they're just so satisfying to remove! However, as the amount of product you get in each sachet, it is too minimal to make peeling off enjoyable. I was gutted.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask


I was really excited to try this product as it is super affordable and claims to be exceptionally hydrating. My big weakness is for skincare is anything that can hydrate my skin, I love the feeling of super fresh hydrated skin - nothing better in my opinion. First, when I opened it, it was absolutely dripping with hydrating serum - I'm serious, I'm convinced one of the people who made it accidentally spilt too much serum over the mask. I then was disappointed with the tissue mask when it came down to the application. I personally have an abnormally small head and face - I am aware of this and I admit that - but that mask is made for the hulk. Seriously, that is not made to fit any living breathing human being. After a lot of folding and balance, I managed to get the position to an ok standard. The scent was beautiful, I did love that about the mask. It smelt so fresh, made with pomegranate and plant extract, which complimented each other really well. I found this mask was exceptionally hydrating leaving my skin feeling so soft and clear afterwards. I was really impressed with this product and I probably would purchase it again if I saw it on the shelf. I wouldn't however rush to re-purchase as the application process is just ridiculous, the size of the mask is far too big - can Garnier please create an xxxsmall version?

Origins GinZing Peel Off Mask


I tried for a long long long time to get my hands on this little beauty. It sold out everywhere and the second I saw it back on the shelves I leapt for it as fast as I possibly could. The application process is simple, you apply all over your face and peel away after it has dried (taking it off, however, is an absolute nightmare!). It does advise you apply a thin layer but, I get a bit carried away and apply a fairly thicker layer than I probably should which does make it a bit easier when peeling off. It doesn't specifically advise how long this should be left on for, just until dry, I left it around 15-20 minutes. The colour is a beautiful copper/gold and is fairly easy to apply. I love the fact it is a peel off mask, it is so fulfilling, just like when you were at school peeling off PVA glue from your hands. The smell is a beautiful citrus scent, even though it is very strong and concentrated. Afterwards my skin felt beautifully smooth and fresh and I have used this product several times. Would recommend all day long.

Superdrug Tea Tree Purifying Peel Off Mask


I picked this product up from Superdrug, really hoping it would be a good face mask. I love the scent, which was really strong tea tree. Trying to apply the product onto my skin was physically impossible, it was all clumped before I even applied it. Out of all of the masks I tested this was the absolute worst for application and consistency. The amount in the packet was not enough for your face due to it being so clumpy and horrible. I left the product (or what there was of a product) on for around 10 minutes and afterwards I felt absolutely no difference to my skin. It was a peel off mask, which are my favourites, however this mask was not one I would recommend.

Origins Drink-Up Intensive


I have mentioned this product previously in one of my favourites posts, I absolutely love it. The product is the simplest face mask you will ever use in your entire living life. You simply rub it into your skin before bedtime and leave it to soak in overnight and that is all you need to do. It is like pure magic leaving your skin feeling softer and looking brighter in the morning. The scent is very fresh and not overpowering making for easy overnight application. I would definitely recommend this product, purely for the easy use and rapid results!

Sanctuary Spa Thermal Detox Mask


I picked this mask up from Boots a few weeks ago and this was one of the face masks I was most excited to try. It is a shame the mask is in a packet form as I much prefer pots or bottles, however, it doesn't take away from how wonderful this face mask really is! I absolutely loved it. My skin felt so smooth afterwards, like I had used a dozen moisturisers. The smell was lovely, reminding me of hot stones in a spa retreat and the application was extremely easy. You only need to leave the mask on for five minutes, which is super convenient if you're strapped for time. The mask is self heating so it does give you that fuzzy, warm and cosy feeling whilst you have it on. I would definitely recommend this product and I would re-purchase again.

Overall, I would say my favourites were the slightly more expensive products, purely down to the ease of the application and of the quality of ingredients. The scents were much nicer too. However, one of the best masks was only £3! Not breaking the bank and the result is absolutely incredible! Hope you all enjoyed this post, I loved testing them all out. Have a wonderful end to the evening lovelies.



  1. I've also never tried a lush face mask! They have so many I just never know which to pick, definitely wanna get this next time I pop into lush!
    Kathy x

    1. I definitely would recommend Lush face masks, I have bought many since! xx