Billy & Me | Giovanna Fletcher Book Review

Good afternoon lovelies! I'm currently sat at my dining table making the most of my lazy Saturday at home - I have a freshly brewed cup of green tea with ginger biscuits to dunk in with the song 'Night Bus' by Lucy Rose playing on Spotify. I also am delighted to share with you all the delightful news - I HAVE FINALLY PUT THE HEATING ON, you just can't fight it. Moments such as these should be cherished. 

So, I did mention on Twitter last week that I started reading 'Billy and Me', a novel by Giovanna Fletcher. The book I read before this, was also by Giovanna and this book especially had great reviews from everybody who read it. I don't mean to be negative (especially this week through all the heartache we've gone through with the Great British Bake Off), but I really didn't enjoy it much at all. 

The story is set around two main characters; Sophie May and Billy Buskin. Sophie is the main protagonist and the book is written in the first person from her perspective. She works in her local teashop and is quite frankly the most annoying character in any book I think I've ever read. Billy is a famous actor and teen heartthrob who starts working on a film project in her local town and begins visiting the teashop where she works. Billy continues visiting her every few days and they begin a relationship exceptionally quickly after he asks her on a date one day in the cafe. Billy then takes a job in London, a little far from the town she lives in and they begin living together. As they both come from two different worlds, we see Sophie try to keep herself grounded and to her roots whilst living a new life surrounded by the paparazzi. 

When I first picked up the book, I was instantly drawn in and really enjoyed it until it reached chapters eight/nine where it did start to lose me. Personally, I love Giovanna's style of writing and she really pays such close attention to detail so I found it really easy to picture the locations and characters. The character of Sophie's boss Molly was something I really did love about the book, she was wonderfully described and great character to envision. The character of Billy was also well described and I did find myself liking his character, although he was a bit too unbelievably cheesy for my liking.

On the downside, I found Sophie's character to be the worst part of the book. With female protagonists I find they need to be strong characters, whereas Sophie was incredibly weak and mind-numbingly stupid. I actually found myself getting irritated reading the book at my desk as I found her so intolerable. Throughout the book, we are provided with snippets of Sophie's past revealing the secret she hides from everyone, at which point I find myself thinking this would be something dramatic and page-turning. However, it was a huge anti-climax for me and the snippets of her past went on FAR too long - regretfully I found myself skimming a lot of it. 

The story itself had such great potential and I feel it would have worked well with a different female character and without a 'secret' at all if I am being honest. I read a story with a similar plot, the rockstar lead falls in love with his ordinary hard-working assistant. The book was called Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon. That book is fantastic and I would definitely recommend. 

I wish I could be more upbeat about the story, but I wanted to share my honest opinion. I was very disappointed, especially as Giovanna is a fantastic author. 


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