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Hello Everybody! For those of you who didn't catch the post on Sunday about myself and SalElizabeth's trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We had such a brilliant afternoon and saw some absolutely wonderful animals! (and my all time favourites - the meerkats!). So, I really just wanted to do a little post showing you some of the little snippets we took from the day. 

Firstly, I will state - I get exceptionally excited in zoo's. I think they are fantastic seeing all the animals living the dream being fed and walking around thinking about how little worries they have in the world. Speaking of, me and Sally heard a young child screaming and crying because she dropped her banana on the way through the entrance. Who can remember the days when that was the worst thing that could have happened to you?!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the patience Sally had whilst I was stood there deciding which one would be Oleg, Aleksandr and Sergei. Yes, I had to. 

At the wildlife park, they had a walk through enclosure where you could walk with the lemurs. Here is a photograph of two lemur's cuddling. I am imagining they are in a romantic embrace.

We visited the big cats next, I will admit they were all extremely lazy haha! The lions were all asleep,  I managed to get a snapshot of Nala snoozing away. The tigers were wide awake grooming themselves and on the prowl. The leopards were nowhere to be seen, which highly annoyed me as you had to climb the biggest flight of stairs to see them. Rather miffed!

I bloody loved this little guy, he was so cheeky! He kept stealing all the dirt and grass from the other monkeys and running away all sneakily like he was so proud of his achievement. He was a right little sneaky one.

I couldn't leave this guy out now could I?! He mentally tormented me the entire time, I am massively freaked out by ostriches. I cannot seem to get on with them.

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