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Hello lovelies! Picture this; I'm sat in my living room with a (slightly too full) glass of wine accompanied by a pack of McVities on a Saturday night. Don't you just envy my eccentric lifestyle? Now, a few weeks ago myself and SalElizabeth asked you all what post you'd like us to do most of all and the overall result was a collaborative beauty haul! That being said, we held our bank cards firmly in our hands and begun the shopping spree around Leeds. Keep scrolling to find out what we got and our verdict...

My Purchases

Kiko Water Eyeshadow [Shade 208 - £8.90]

I had to purchase this product. The second I saw it, I just knew this had my name on it. The colour is blinding and extremely pigmented which just looks incredible on your eyes for a nighttime look. 

Christie Says..."I love the pigmentation, the gold really stands out especially when placed in the centre of the eyelid. I love using this in conjunction with the Too Faced Semi-Sweet pallet."

Sally Says..."I really liked the way you can use this product wet or dry to get the best of the colour."

Kiko Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow [Shade 13 - Golden Peach/Pearly Burnt Sienna - £8.90]

I love this duo! Normally with duo's I unintentionally find myself not actually using the colours together oddly enough! In this case they both compliment each other brilliantly giving you such a bold look for your eyes. This can also be used wet or dry when applying. 

Christie Says..."I really like the colours on this duo, they compliment each other really nicely! The darker shade is PERFECT for the creases!"

Sally Says..."I thought the colours looked extremely vibrant and a bit intimidating at first, but then when I saw it on it looked great!"

Kiko Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow [Shade 143 - £2.90]

This eyeshadow is such a light subtle shade. I found the sparkle works perfectly for inner corners and that was the reason I purchased it. I also thought it would compliment the baked duo I purchased too.M

Christie Says..."I find this a really subtle shade with nice twinkle and sparkle to it. This reminds me of the shade 'champagne truffle' from the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Pallet. I found myself using this on the inner corners most of all!"

Sally Says..."When I tried it, I absolutely loved it! I want one for myself now!"

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow [Shade 248 - £2.80]

This eyeshadow was one of the lowest cost finds at the Kiko sale! It was absolute daylight robbery (I did check the price a few times to be sure!). I must admit, compared with the others I purchased, I didn't find this my favourite. However, the matte finish works well for a gentle, more natural looking pink/grey smokey eye look. 

Christie Says..."I'm unsure what I was expecting with this product, I find it isn't as pigmented as their other products. It is very light, for serious pigment you need to use a lot! I do find the matte finish gives it a more natural look used with a light grey on the crease!"

Sally Says..."Not the usual shade I would go for, I'll admit, but I really liked it!"

Kiko Everlasting Kajal Pencil Liner [Shade 08 - £4.20]

Now, this is a product both me and Sally purchased. You can never have too many eyeliners, right? I think I own close to a million - all in black of course. We both loved the long lasting benefit of this, lasting all day and easy to create a smudged look or keep neatly on the lid. Only downside I found was that I found this IMPOSSIBLE to remove, i'm talking three cotton pads okay, THREE!

Christie Says..."Love this eyeliner! It is so dark I can barely believe it! I found this lasted all day and more - I struggled taking it off!"

Sally Says..."Before I even tried this product, on swatches alone, the colour was incredible! Didn't budge either!"

Kiko Cleansing Scrub [£2.40]

This Kiko cleanser was a purely impulse buy, I think we can all admit we own several facial and body scrubs. I think it's because we see one and convince ourselves we will use them every second of the day for perfect skin. This scrub felt really gentle, especially as most feel like you're having your face ripped off rather than cleansed. 

Christie Says..."I haven't got around to trying this product fully, so I can't give a full review. I got told lots of good things in the store about it and I'm hoping it lives up to the hype! I did find it felt very gentle for a scrub - which is always good."

Sally Says..."The price of this product was amazing, hopefully it lives up to expectations!"

Artis Brush Foam Cleanser [£20 Space NK]

I have heard mixed reviews on this product, but I thought it was fantastic. I found I didn't use half the amount of product i used with other products I had used in the past. Personally, I like a foam cleanser rather than a liquid. Another benefit of this product is the speed the bristles dry - it truly is a miracle worker. 

Christie Says..."DREAM PRODUCT. I cannot express my love for this wonderful, beautiful creation! I am a little bit obsessed with cleaning my make-up brushes and this product is so gentle on the bristles, leaving them extremely soft. It works super quickly, so if you hate the process - this speeds it up massively!"

Sally Says..."The sales assistant recommended us this product, as Christie wanted one to deep clean thick brushes like Sigma, this really gave them a deep clean for thick brushes as it is made for the Artis Brushes''

LUSH Milky Bath Bubble Bar [£3.75]

Yet again, Lush never fail with their cute little slogans and designs. I saw this little guy on their stands with 'don't cry over split milk' underneath. Adorable. The most gorgeous scent combining a hint of orange citrus with milky cocoa butter to keep you extra soft!

Christie Says..."One of my new favourites! The cocoa butter makes you feel so soft and refreshed when you finish in the bath - the bubbles are also incredible as always!"

Sally Says..."I just thought the design of this looked so cute and it smelt beautiful!"

LUSH Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb [£3.75]

This is the most amazing scent for me, being an absolute fiend for anything with citrus scents. The water turns into an orange/gold colour and it looks beautiful dissolving into the bathwater. I actually found it made me feel more energised after using it. 

Christie Says..."I'll be honest, I was attracted to this because of the name 'dragon's egg' - I felt like mother of dragons Khaleesi from Game Of Thrones trying to summon my dragons when I placed it into the bath water. The scent is a beautiful lemon citrus - my favourite! It takes a long time to dissolve but the colours look fantastic."

Sally Says..."We saw the dragons egg on a demonstration in Lush and the colours looked fantastic - wish I'd picked one up for myself now!"

LUSH Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar [£3.65]

Can we just focus on how cute the design of this is please? CAN WE JUST. 

Christie Says..."Yet again, a lovely lemon citrus scent emerges when you place it under the running tap. The water also goes a beautiful sea blue colour - big fan! Although I felt sad seeing the pretty flower dissolve."

Sally Says..."I also purchased this bubble bar, can't wait to try it out - we just thought the matching colours were really cute!"

Sally Purchased

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar [£39 Debenhams] 

This pallet is the absolute dream. Gorgeous neutral shades mixed with bold popping colours. I use this pallet every single day and have gone through two already! My favourite combination is champagne truffle and salted caramel on the crease - beautiful! 

Christie Says..."I am an absolute Too Faced addict so this pallet is my life. I have gone through two of these pallets already - I use it everyday! I told Sally to use it the morning we went shopping and she fell in love and purchased her own!"

Sally Says..."I bought this and now I am completely addicted. Simple!"

Nars Sheer Glow & Laura Mercier Loose Setting Translucent Powder [Space NK £31 & £29]

Sally had always wanted to try NARS foundation and she purchased this in shade Fiji. The foundation suits her skin beautifully and the shade suits her skin perfectly! The powder is an all time favourite of mine - I cannot recommend it enough!

Christie Says..."This was yet another example of me unintentionally getting Sally addicted to products! I am a huge fan of NARS and wear their All Day Luminous and the Laura Mercier powder - I swear by! An all time favourite. Sally used some that morning and was amazed at how long her make-up lasted! (Followed by the purchases!)"

Sally Says..."I wanted to try this foundation for SO long after hearing all the hype. Christie had previously tried it and said how good it was - so I purchased and it is by far the best foundation I have ever tried! The powder was (Another) recommendation from Christie. At first I was a bit apprehensive if it would be worth the money, but again, totally worth it!"

NYX Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner [£5.50 Boots

This NYX liner is extremely well priced and long lasting. The brush is so lightweight making it even easier to apply and get precise in the corners. The colour is extremely dark and bold. Loved it!

Christie Says..."I remember trying this in Boots with Sally and we were amazed at how quickly it dried and how long it stayed on my hand! I washed my hands several times that day and it was still on before bedtime!"

Sally Says..."I love this eyeliner - one of the best liquid liners I have used. So super easy to get a precise line and the applicator is super fine!"

LUSH Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar, Rose Jam Bubble Bar, Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil & Creamy Candy Bubble Bar [£3.65, £3.95, £2.00 & £2.95]

Just to give you all some perspective - I received a text message this evening from Sally containing a video of which she put the entire Rose Jam in creating an abnormal level of bubbles! Can we all just pray she can hack through the bubbles to make it out alive? 

Christie Says..."I am a huge fan of the marshmallow body oil, I will buy a dozen of them at a time - so soft on the skin and the scent is incredible! Rose Jam is my favourite bubble bar - the smell is incredible and the design of it being in a macaroon is just adorable. The Creamy Candy reminds me a lot of the think pink bath bomb."

Sally Says..."I chose all of these mainly down to the scents - they attracted me first! They smell incredible, particularly Rose Jam! The bubbles come up lovely too, great for a really bubbly bath!"

There you go folks, that is all of our little shopping haul in Leeds last weekend! I hope it was what you were all hoping to read and we want to thank all of you who voted in the Poll. Hopefully we can manage to do all of the options you voted for eventually!

Ps. I am have finished a good few glasses of wine in the time this post has taken! Pray for me. 

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  1. I love seeing new products from Lush, that milky bubble bar is so cute.
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. Aww me too! have you tried the milky bubble bar? xx