A Weekend With SalElizabeth.

Hello lovelies! Here we have the beginning of three collaborative posts from myself and fellow blogger SalElizabeth discussing what we got up to when I visited Sally's homeland!

For those of you who don't know Sally, she is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who lives near Leeds and we met purely through blogging. We decided to meet for a girlie weekend and do some collaborative posts for you all about what we did. Oh, and Sally lives on a cute little boat and the photo above was the decor above the bed in the room I stayed in. I was a little bit in love with it to say the least, how beautiful is it, seriously?!
I arrived at Sally's house on Friday evening after a very uneventful train journey. The most exciting thing that happened was seeing a marginally god-like male sat next to me ruin himself by falling asleep and dribbling all down himself. Also, they never even brought the food/drink cart round, which really made me mad!

As soon as I got off the train Sally met me in her adorable little Fiat 500 and we went to the supermarket and stocked up on an abnormal amount of food for our sofa picnic. This mainly consisted of Ben and Jerry's, Doritos and chocolate. This was followed by an evening watching big brother and collapsing on the sofa nurturing the ever increasing food babies we produced. 

On Saturday, we begun by taking a trip to Huddersfield to view my new bed - because Sally is a trooper and took me to the showroom! This did not entirely go to plan, might I add, the roads in Huddersfield are not the smoothest, especially when the Sat Nav takes you the wrong way down several roads like this...

Oh and to top it off, the showroom stopped stocking my bed in their showroom a month ago. We were most thrilled. After this fiasco, we headed to Leeds to do some much needed shopping. A lot of money was spent and we had a wonderful day getting some goodies - which will be documented in our joint shopping haul post later in the week!

In the evening, we headed to an absolutely gorgeous little Italian restaurant called Boccaccio in Wakefield. As you all know, myself and Sally are absolutely addicted to food, so we were thoroughly looking forward to this all weekend! The restaurant was so beautiful, with solid marble tables and delicate fairy lights behind the bar. Lovely decor and the staff were so wonderful (and all Italian!) 

For starter, I had Mozzarella in breadcrumbs in handmade tomato and herb sauce. Sally had garlic pizza bread and yes, these are starters. 

For mains, I had a chicken and bacon risotto served with parmesan cheese. You know that really awkward moment where they ask "Parmesan madam? Is that enough?" and they have put a tiny sprinkle on, but you don't want to admit you're completely greedy, so you just reluctantly agree. You know what I mean? But not here, oh no! They piled on the parmesan - my idea of a good meal. Sally ordered a Margherita pizza for main course (the portion was absolutely massive, she only ate half!) 

 And finally for dessert, I had my standard favourite - orange sorbet. Served inside an orange, I absolutely love it. If it's on the menu - I will order it! Sally ordered chocolate fudge cake and apparently it was a little piece of heaven! 

After the meal, we spontaneously decided to go bowling, which after a huge three course meal I will admit was not our finest idea. However, it was so much fun and to add to the evening I won the game! Yes! Then we played arcade games and air hockey until we had too much slush puppy causing our brains to freeze over. We are adults - we promise!
As Sunday approached (the last day!) we decided to have a big day out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park about half an hour away from Sally's. It was the most amazing day out! They had everything from Lions to Polar Bears which lead to us running around like excitable children (especially when we saw yet another slush puppy stand!). We have fully documented the day and you can follow it right here - [www.christaabelle.co.uk/2016/08/walking-with-wildlife-adventures-with.html

Now, I'm currently sat at home watching big brother on catch up and reflecting on such a wonderful weekend with this complete babe of a gal. Great weekend with such great company. Hope you all enjoyed being a part of our weekend of activities and remember to keep posted for the in depth posts to follow during the week! 

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