Why I Took A Break From Blogging / What's Happening Now?

First things first, HELLO EVERYONE. It feels so nice to actually be writing a blog post again, I feel lost on blogger - I don't even remember where everything is! The last post I did was in April about the LUSH easter collection..wow. This makes me sad, partly because it's been so long and partly because I only have one carrot left from the easter collection. Boo. The reason I am writing this post is mainly to explain why I haven't been blogging and just a little bit of a chatty catch up really.

Some of you may be aware of why I haven't been blogging these past few months, others may not. My relationship came to an end this year towards the end of March. We were together around two years and lived together for the majority of the relationship. As you can imagine break ups are hard things to go through. Especially when you lived together. 

When it did end I was sad about it, as you can imagine. I mean, we had good times together, but frankly not being together is much better for both of us. When it initially happened I couldn't understand that, but the more I analysed it in my own mind the more I realise now that it was definitely the best thing and how it was broken long before it ended. Now, I feel a much stronger and happier person because of this. 

I took a break from blogging purely down to how busy I had become sorting out life on my own. I am currently much happier than I feel I have ever been. So, to catch you all up.. I've started dating again, which feels great. I have met someone who I really enjoy spending time with and I'm having a great time with them. I wake up smiling and it's an incredible feeling to have. Yesterday he turned up at my house with flowers. White roses - my favourites. Can we just focus on that? Flowers are so thoughtful and beautiful and I don't know about you guys, but that isn't a regular occurrence for me! He really is wonderful and I am very happy. 

Aside from that, Ollie has been given the all clear at the vets! Hallelujah! He finally has gained weight and he's going on fine and healthy. He also had his first birthday on Wednesday! I no longer have a kitten! It was a sad day for me. I can only imagine this is how it feels when your child grows up and goes to school. I will be getting him a few little presents on payday (because, he had to be born towards the end of the month didn't he!)

My friends little boy received his school uniform a few days ago. I have never felt so old in my entire life. He looks adorable of course but I just want him to stay a little one forever. I remember his little face when I bought him his first build-a-bear for his second birthday. I can't cope with the fact he's now pestering me for avengers merchandise, he's growing up!

And in other news...I've gone back brunette! Thank heaven my dark hair is back. I've missed it so. Let me know what you all think!

So, more beauty posts will be coming! I have a few in mind and a few written in my blogging notebook. I am excited to be writing again and I hope you're all feeling good this morning. 

Just to leave you all with this -  I just clicked on my spotify and my recommended songs range from Busted to Mcfly. I'm super sophisticated in my musical choices. 


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