Fifty Things About Myself | Getting To Know Me.

Hello to all my little muffins out there! It's late on a Monday evening and I've been on the late shift. Ugh, worst right? I really fancied doing a blog post, but it's way too dark for photographs. The struggle, ultimate first world problems. I've seen a few people do this post and I have just never got round to doing one! I figured, its a bit of fun for you to get to know a little bit of pointless facts about me..

1. I use the word 'cosy' in every situation possible. Literally even if it makes no logical sense, I will make it work. 

2. I am a massively excitable person. You know the type who gets excited for Christmas about six months in advance? you get the idea. 

3. Now, to me, this isn't weird. However, it is apparently not a normal thing to do, which I will never accept...I eat pizza, wraps, sandwiches, anything I can really with a knife and fork. I don't think it's abnormal but apparently it is!

4. If someone puts mayonnaise anywhere near my food I will physically refuse it. If McDonalds put mayo on my chicken wrap when I asked for it without, I will send it back unless they want me in physical pain rocking in a corner. It is so disgusting, it upsets me that it is actually a creation. 

5. I LOVE washing and ironing clothes. I'm a born housewife for goodness sake. I love the process of washing the clothes, then drying them and then ironing them. I buy ironing water for goodness sake. 

6. My biggest fears are needles, theme park rides and clowns. 

7. I haven't grown since I was in year 8 of Comprehensive school. Yep. 5"4.9 since I was fourteen. Brilliant. The '.9' REALLY matters. 

8. I was born on New Years Day at 12.07pm and was the first baby born in Nottingham in 1995. In the paper and everything #stardom. 

9. When I was nine I met my childhood idol Rachel Stevens (S Club 7) in Luton airport and I asked her for a photo and only took one of myself by mistake. Brilliant. 

10. I live for writing lists. I will write lists to prepare for writing a bigger list. 

11. I only watched the classic Forrest Gump a year ago and I cried for forty five minutes after I watched it. 

12. I cannot deal with people who enjoy gravy. It is not a treat. 

13. I love Cary Grant movies. I will watch them all day, except An Affair to Remember - what a waste of life that film is. 

14. When I set an alarm in the mornings, I will set it an hour before I need to get up and every fifteen minutes onwards so I feel I have had a lie-in. 

15. I am massively into exercise. I begun exercising when I was thirteen years old. I started by doing Pilates then progressed onto dance themed workouts followed by weight training when I hit fourteen. 

16.  I don't drink fizzy drinks. On a daily basis, I will only drink water or green tea. I only drink soft drinks when I am socialising or alcohol on occasion. 

17. My biggest pet hate is when people are in your company with their headphones in while you're speaking to them. 

18. It pains me to use public transport. But I won't learn to drive until I have my perfect little Mini on my drive. 

19. I know the entire rap to Ice Ice Baby. Yes. No Jay-Z raps here, Vanilla Ice all the way. 

20. In my family, I am known for breaking/losing/stealing any headphones in my vision. 

21. Whenever I go on holiday, I collect memoirs (beer mats, receipts etc) and make a handmade scrapbook of the experience when I return home.

22. My momma works in politics and I campaign with her frequently for political campaigns and voting. 

23. My favourite movie is Breakfast At Tiffany's. 

24. Last year I visited New York where Jay-Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy sat at the table next to us. Genuinely couldn't cope. 

25. I get massively competitive when it comes to playing Monopoly or board games similar to that. 

26. I have no tattoos and one piercing - my navel. 

27. As a kid, I used to pretend the staircase at my Grandparents's house was an aeroplane. I used to make everyone pack their suitcases and sit on the stairs with me whilst making aeroplane noises. 

28. I get really uncomfortable in big crowds of people. Music festivals are my nightmare.

29. I LOVE airports. I mean, REALLY love them. I'm the maniac who loves taking their shoes off and putting all your stuff in those ugly grey trays. Ooh, the excitement of walking through the beeper scanner and seeing if you get beeped for having a belt on. 

30. I have never been camping and I never intend to. That sums up my idea of a nightmare. 

31. My family have a joint WhatsApp group for different shows that we all watch on TV. I'm a celebrity is the busiest one, we wait all year for that. 

32. I get insanely grumpy when I get cold or hungry. 

33. I am borderline obsessed with Harry Potter. I almost died of excitement when I went to the studios. 

34. I am crazy into candles. I can never resist purchasing them. 

35. I have a cat called Ollie and he always falls to sleep whenever ABBA music comes on. 

36. I will have mashed potato with any meal. No questions. 

37. People generally dread going for meals with me as I will always change the dish as it appears on the menu. Incase you need a visual idea.. 

38. I am massively thoughtful and my favourite thing is buying other people gifts. I like thoughtful gifts that are personal to the person. 

39. I cannot stand going to nightclubs and getting absolutely drunk out of my mind. What does it achieve? I used to..for about six months when I turned 18. 

40. I went to two different universities and studied fashion promotion and marketing. 

41. My biggest celebrity crushes consist of Prince Harry, Tom Hiddleston and Bradley Cooper. 

42. I cannot apply make up using a compact mirror. Seriously, who can hold one whilst applying eyeliner? come on. 

43. I am half welsh. 

44. I generally only use my sky subscription for ITVBE and E! news. 

45. One of my favourite things to do is attend the theatre. 

46. I have recently re-discovered the sims and I physically cannot stop playing. Definitely debating booking annual leave so I can have a sims day..

47. If I was born a boy, my mum wanted to call me Joe. 

48. I am a non-smoker. 

49. I literally own one pair of jeans. 

50. I cannot ride a bike, never even sat on a bike. Except the ones at the gym. 

So, there we go! Happy Monday!