We Kinda Moved House...

Hello everybody! 

I feel like it has been so long since I spoke to you all, I am beyond excited to write this post. I can now completely explain the reason behind this - myself and Jack moved house last week. Yes, it has been extremely stressful and still in the decorating process but the house is lovely.

My favourite thing is literally just how warm and homely the house feels. The house is two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, kitchen, dining room and conservatory. Along with a gated garden. Ollie absolutely loves it too, as this place is much bigger he has plenty of room to run around. 

We have mainly got the lounge and dining room organised. The bedrooms are proving a difficulty - our bedroom is having a huge make-over. All we have for the new room so far is the mattress - a brand new super soft one though (a sign of old age - getting excitable regarding a new mattress!). Remember when you were younger and were excited over the latest barbie doll being released? Yeah..now I'm like this over mattresses, bed frames and tins of paint. We do have some slight issues as the house has some weird angles! Eeep. So this should be interesting getting certain things to fit those! 

As it isn't fully decorated yet! Hopefully you all will like it and I cannot wait to show you the finished product! 



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