The Annual Easter Hunt At Lush Cosmetics.

Hello to you all on this Saturday evening, I am currently sat singing my heart out - badly might I add - to the spice girls. So, I decided to post all about the amazing goodies Lush have brought out this year for the easter holidays. As you all know, I am a sucker for a haul at Lush. I did buy a few things from the Easter collection which I am super excited to try, but first, I had to tell you all about them! 

Which Came First - Bath Bomb
Now, I must admit, this has got me super excited. I cannot wait to try this product as it just smells so incredible and has an egg-zellent concept (see, what I did there...kept in theme). You crack the egg against the side of the bath to release the chick inside - Awww! Now as it is absolutely huge, you are able to use it over a few nights or all at once for a truly relaxing bath. It is a heavenly scent with lots of citrus fragrances spilling from it the second you open the bag. I am super excited to try this. 

Fluffy Egg - Bath Bomb

Now, the classic easter gift from Lush to my bathroom. Fluffy egg, an oldie but a goodie. I find this product is such a beautiful colour and makes the bath a stunning shade of pink, a girls dream - right? This product also reminds me of the 'Think Pink' bath bomb if any of you have tried it, it's just pink and full of flowers! Lovely. 

Ultraviolet - Bubble Bar

I am so excited to talk about this bubble bar! It has my favourite scent of Jasmine combined with Violet. Oh, and look how beautiful it is! It looks like a little rainbow powdered by bubbles. This is probably one of the best things I picked up as it just smells incredible. Love this, thank you Lush for bringing this into my life. 
Humpty Dumpty - Bath Bomb
Now, I must admit, even for Lush I am surprised at just how cute this little guy is. I will admit, he did look cuter before my cat pushed him off the bed wiping away his yellow bow-tie, sorry! But the concept of this product is seriously amazing, you crack open the egg and out comes a perfect little fried egg. Aww. The scent is very citrus dominated, mainly with orange scents. I love it. 

Bunch Of Carrots - Bubble Bars
We have reached my favourite. Oh wow, how cute are these. The concept of these are insane. I actually showed a few people at work when I'd purchased these (who aren't massive Lush fans) and even they thought these were amazing. You simply run them under the water like a normal bubble bar. Each having fruity scents of grapefruit and lemon. Super cute idea. 

Golden Egg - Bath Bomb Melt
I must admit, I was not expecting to like this product as I usually am not a fan of glittery products in the bath. But, it smells insane. Cocoa butter and toffee..hello? seriously wow. It does remind me a lot of the sunny side bubble bar as it is seriously glittery. I mean like, Barry M eyeshadow glitter pots style glittery. Seriously be warned! 

So there we are! My favourites from the Easter collection at Lush. I am thoroughly impressed and I strongly suggest you all get ordering online tonight before they go! 

Have a lovely Easter everyone! 



  1. Loved this post and the products are so beautiful in photos! I just used Fluffy Egg this morning and I now smell of Snow Fairy it's amazing! I love the look of the Golden Egg, reminds me of in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory "Give it to me now!" xx

    1. Thank you! I love fluffy egg, its my favourite! I've been trying to make the products last as long as possible! xx

  2. These are beautiful! Been wanting to try it out. The carrot one is so cute!

    1. Hehe, the carrot ones are amazing! Ive saved one of mine as I don't want them to go! xx