5 Products To Keep Your Make-Up Lasting All Day!

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Now, today I figured I'd do a post which is very highly requested amongst any female even remotely interested in beauty. 'How do I make my make-up stay on all day?' everyone I know must ask me this and this is also a question I have asked many beauticians behind beauty counters. The problem you find is endless sales reps just sell you any old products which don't always work how you expect them too. I mean, everyone is different right? 

So, I thought I'd share my top 5 products and tips for keeping your make-up long lasting and looking just as good as when you applied it. 

Keep Your Make-up Base Hydrated.
I Recommend...
Origins GinZing Moisturizer & Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Brightening Cream 
£24 & £20
This is a seriously super important step in keeping long lasting fresh faced make-up. If you keep the base hydrated and moisturised before applying any products it can prevent your skin going overly dry and improve the way your make-up looks when it is applied. I personally love the Origins GinZing range for this step as it is super lightweight not feeling caked on the skin at all and keeps the skin super hydrated. Plus, Origins is using all natural ingredients, meaning it is super gentle for all skin types. Origins is a bit hefty on the price tag and I do find I use the moisturiser in about 3 months minimum, which I guess isn't too bad! But if you are looking for a high street alternative, Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion is an amazing product. I love this and it is moisturising for 24 hours. This product retails at £5.10 at Boots.

Make Sure ALL Your Make-up Is Removed.
I Recommend...
Clinique 'Take The Day Off' Cleansing Milk
The Problem I do find is when I remove my make-up before bedtime, it wasn't all removed fully even when I thought I'd fully removed every little eyeliner stain. I also found using skincare cleansing wipes were actually irritating my skin as I was constantly rubbing my skin really hard to remove my make-up. So, the next morning when I applied my foundation for example, I found I was literally applying new foundation to a thin remainder of yesterdays foundation. Gross!  Now, I've tried a few Clinique products before, but it was really on an impulse I purchased this product. I really liked the fact the product was a cleansing milk in a lotion form which is so kind to skin. This product is also suitable for all skin types, which as I have combination skin is an absolute dream. I use this product to take my make-up off every night and every morning before I apply my new make-up just to make sure every inch of it is removed. 

Invest In A Setting Spray.
I Recommend...
Urban Decay All Nighter - Long Lasting Setting Spray
This product is my favourite thing ever, in the whole world ever ever ever. I love it, just a little bit. Okay, I may have been a little late on the setting spray hype, I just always thought they were a bit of a gimmick and would never work. Even after everyone I know telling me how incredible they were, I just assumed they'd be a bit crap really. But this product is the best thing in the whole entire world. Not only does it make my make-up look better the instant it is applied it literally stays on all day until I go to bed. My make-up literally looks HD all day (well, for at least 12 hours of it!) 

Use A Primer. 
I Recommend...
Laura Geller Spackle Under Makeup Primer

Primers are SUCH a good investment. I mean, I guess why people see they are pointless as they are in effect just a moisturiser with a hefty price tag. I spent a good few years ignoring primers and thinking it was just an unnecessary expense, but now I completely regret it. Now I'm a bit older and wiser I know it's an ultimate necessity. At the moment I am using the Laura Geller Spackle primer, which is really effective. It irons out any bumps or blemishes on the skin giving a ultra-smooth finish on my skin for when foundation is applied. I use the 'original' Spackle, but they do offer alternatives for each skin type, so you can all find one for your particular skin type. I also recommend the Smashbox Photo Finish primer - which is also fantastic and have a variety of skin type options available. 

Setting Powder. 
I Recommend...
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

This product is immense. Seriously, I tried this product about three years ago and I have never not re-purchased. [Woah, think how much money I must have spent on this one product...my god.]. I find it does last you one-two months minimum, which is pretty good I find. This product is available in translucent or universal, I have tried both shades and translucent is definitely my favourite. It doesn't alter the colour or any make-up you have applied prior to applying the powder. I know the powder is on the pricey side, but it is a genuine investment. I find it improves the appearance of your make-up keeping your skin more matte, which I do prefer and lasts a lot longer as it sets your foundation in place. If you prefer your skin to look dewy, don't panic! It doesn't look completely matte if you apply a small amount. Also, as soon as it is applied, your skin feels so smooth and no sticky foundation feel. 

There we go, my top five ultimate products and tips for longer lasting make-up! 

Hopefully this has helped some of you in this on-going struggle. Yes, the struggle is real. 



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