The Recipe To Create The Ultimate Bubbly Bath.

Who can honestly say they aren't partial to a luxurious ultra bubbly bath? 

Well, I can say that I personally cannot resist them. I do find myself being addicted to using bath bombs, oils, in every bath - just to make it that little bit extra special! So, I figured I would share my favourite products and tips for achieving that ultimate bubble bath. 

As some of you may remember, I did a HUGE Lush haul recently which gave me so many new products I wanted to review. I mean, there may be some of you beginner bath time addicts, so hopefully this should give you some great inspiration!

First of all, invest in BATH BOMBS. Make sure you always have supplies, because there is nothing worse than craving a relaxing bubble bath with your one direction playlist on the go and running out of Lush supplies. I usually find I cannot go into shops like Lush and not purchase multiple items, it's my addiction. If you aren't a fan of Lush or just don't have the funds for their sometimes hefty price tags, there are some alternatives. Another of my personal favourites is Bomb Cosmetics. If you haven't tried them, you NEED to! They have really creative products in all different designs, such as, cupcakes and little owls. 

At the moment I am LOVING:
Lush Rose Bombshell and Sex Bomb. 

Bubble bars are a great alternative to a liquid bubble bath (even if they can be a little messy!). I was always a little sceptical of bubble bars, purely because of the demonstration they show you in Lush. For those of you who don't know, they crumble some of the bar into a jug of water then pour the water into another jug and so on, to produce extreme levels of bubbles. It is amazing, but generally in a domestic household, the pressure of a tab doesn't create this effect (mine doesn't anyway!). Now, through serious research over time (yes, research.) I have discovered a trick to get this effect!

Top tip on the way guys..

Run the bubble bar under the tap like normal crumbling the bar to create the bubbles. If, like myself, you have a shower above the bath or connected to the bath, turn it on and hover it over the bath water. This will give you the pressure required to create the mental bubbles we see in Lush. If you don't have a shower connected to the bath, just use a jug to create the added water pressure. Sounds a little weird, but trust me - it actually works.

At the moment I am LOVING:
 Lush Sunnyside and Rose Jam. 

For an added relaxation you must invest in some bath oils or salts. They are incredible for your skin making it snuggly soft and if nothing else - they smell great! Personally, I prefer bath oils to salts just because of the consistency - salts can be a little irritating while you wait for them to dissolve. 

At the moment I am LOVING:
Aveda Eucalyptus Bath Oil and Lush Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment. 

Now for the most important - Put on some one direction and chill. 



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