My Ultimate Clean & Care Routine For Beauty Brushes

Now, I have been suuuuuper excited to write this post!

I found, especially recently, my friends and family have all asked me how I clean my make-up brushes. As there are so many products out there and everyone has their own techniques which work for them, which is great! So I figured this was a perfect opportunity to share my routine with you all and hopefully this help you if you're dissatisfied with your brush maintenance routine. 

As I said, there are DOZENS of products on the market which work to keep your brushes soft and clean. I have tried a few products for brush cleaning, I guess I kept purchasing ones until I found ones I absolutely loved and stuck with them!

For deep cleaning my brushes, personally I chose to do this once a week as I am a little bit obsessed with keeping clean brushes. I just think, I spend so much money on having soft brushes to apply my make-up I don't want to damage them in any way! Now, you don't have to do a deep clean this often! Every 2-3 weeks should be fine for people who have more of a life than myself haha.

Firstly for a deep clean, I place a towel on the table and get a bowl of warm water. The water has to be changed frequently so I recommend being near a sink or have drastic levels of energy to get up all the time to change the water! I use the Bobbi Brown 'Conditioning Brush Cleanser' which retails at £12. You can purchase this product on the high street at House of Frazer or John Lewis and it isn't too expensive as it does last a long time. The consistency of the product is in a gel format and has a pump applicator. The product works like shampoo, so you squeeze a small amount of gel onto the brush and place into water massaging the bristles. You will notice all the make-up come off the brush into the bowl in drastic amounts - when you do foundation brushes it is the most disgusting thing you ever did see. You were warned! Keep this technique until the brush feels clean and looks like the colour of the brush when you originally purchased it. Once this process has been done for all the brushes, leave them on the towel to dry, usually this is good to leave overnight. Foundation brushes usually take a lot longer as they take absorb a lot more water to get them clean. They result in feeling super soft and clean, just like when they were first purchased. Cannot recommend this product enough. 

In terms of a 'quick clean', basically, if you're late for work and your brushes are in desperate need of a good clean before you use it, this is a must! I personally find I use this method for when I am defining my eyebrows as it is impossible applying eyebrow gel or shadow with a dirty brush! A product I have loved is the MAC 'Brush Cleanser' which retails at £12. Now, I do love this product (as you can probably tell judging by how empty it is!) and I have used this for years replacing my empties as I go. The product is in a liquid format which you simply apply to a cotton pad and wipe the brush along on the pad. For deep cleans I find this product doesn't work as well, as it takes a lot longer to clean it thoroughly using the liquid and is better for a quick clean. In order to thoroughly clean the bristles you need to really rub the bristles on the pad which I find gradually damages the bristles in the long run. But for a quick morning clean this product is perfect.

There we are, that is my general beauty brush maintenance. I find it's really an enjoyable thing to clean my brushes and I hope some of you find this useful. These aren't the only products available and I have heard of techniques that don't even require purchasing specific products. We all have different techniques which work for us, so if you all have any unique techniques I'd love to hear them! 



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