My Hair Journey: Dark Brunette to 'Bronde' Balayage | Session 4

Okay everyone! 6 weeks down the line and yet again I have had another session in my journey to becoming a 'Bronde'.

As you may remember, the photo above was how my hair was visually after three sessions. Yes, I loved it even then, it was the time where my hair finally begun getting closer to my end goal. Now, after a further six weeks of hair growth, split ends and fading colour I'm continuing my mission. 

Sadly, me and my hairdresser Jade realised mid-way through this process we forgot to take a before photo, so I apologise in advance. Firstly, Jade begun by continuing the same process as before with a combination of balayage towards the ends and highlights towards the top. The combination worked really well with my hair, which naturally doesn't take well to colour change at all. This time we decided to go back using the extra strength bleach lightener to really give it that colour lift, as like I mentioned my hair rejects being lightened. 

So after a good couple of hours at this process, Jade also dropped the bombshell that my hair was a bit damaged at the ends from obviously a lot of bleach. You can use as many hair protection products as there is on the market, but, at the end of the day it is bleach. You can't prevent the damage that does cause and she also thought the cut would look a lot more sophisticated for me and be a nice change. As some of you may have seen on my twitter on Sunday...I was absolutely crying at the thought of 3 inches being cut off my already shortened hair. So, yes, at this point I was not feeling especially happy with life. After leaving the bleach on for just under an hour, she reapplied some additional bleach onto the ends just for about 10 minutes to give an extra dose of lightener. 

Next, we washed off the bleach and then Jade applied some toner to my hair to really get some of the warmth out and take away some of my dreaded red tones. After this we washed that off and begun drying the hair to get me back to normal! 

So here we have...

[Drum Roll] 

The finished product from session four..

Okay, so it's not mega short but for me this is pretty much going the full Miley Cyrus look so please be gentle with your thoughts! I'd love to hear what you all think and I'll be sure to post in six more weeks what the next session results are! 

Want To See How It All Began?



 For anyone in the Nottinghamshire area my hairdresser's name is Jade Barclay and her new contact details are below for appointment bookings or any questions: 



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