Lush Haul | Lush February Favourites!

Now, this week I did something which I haven't done for a while..I went a little crazy in Lush. Like most people, I love Lush and I cannot imagine my life without Lush being in it (as sad as that sounds!) 

I am never without at least three/four bath bombs in my house and I've even turned by boyfriend to the dark side by getting him to say 'Ooh, do you have any of them bath thingys left?' Despite the fact he knows where they are and that he's using one with or without my say so.  

Since purchasing I have been super excited to share with you what I bought and my thoughts on them all as no one can resist Lush...can they?

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

I bought this bath bomb for Valentines day and it is truly beautiful in the scent and visually. The scent is a sweet vanilla and a light orange with red edible love hearts. It honestly is beautiful, the scent is so subtle and so moisturising. Also, a must bath bomb for a romantic Valentines evening in!

Rose Jam Bubble Bar

I fell so in love with this product and this was probably one of my favourite things I purchased that day. The appearance of a cute little macaroon sold me instantly, but, I did think it was a bath bomb and to my surprise it is a bubble bar! Inside the middle it has a shea butter layer for moisturising the skin with a beautiful fragrance of roses. The colour of the bath when you use this is phenomenal, it is a beautiful dark pink and is perfect for an ultra bubbly fragranced bath. On the macaroon it has glitter all around it just adding to the visual appeal, just fabulous.

Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub

This was a complete impulse buy, I have a pot of scrub already and this wasn't really a vital purchase haha! I just tried some and couldn't resist buying this, it is incredible. I walked away from it and kept feeling how soft my hand was all the way up to the till point and ran back for it! I do have very sensitive skin on my arms, so I did like the fact this was especially suitable for sensitive skin types. It is made with sea salt minerals and lemon juice which gives the product a beautiful bright blue colour. My favourite thing about this product, which I find most scrubs don't have is the gentle consistency. I find when you use any other scrubs, actually the consistency is so hard and a struggle to even get out of the pot,  let alone on your skin! But this was so gentle and the result was super soft. I personally prefer the pots of the scrub, however, you can buy this in a scrub bar as well. If you buy the pots, would advise - invest in the bigger one. Personally, I think the small scrub pots are SO expensive for the size, but the big pots are much better value.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

This was also a bath bomb purchased for Valentines - as you can tell by the overly romantic title. I was first attracted to the appearance of the bath bomb, it has a beautiful rose on the front with some stunning colours. The scent that first hit me with this bath bomb was the jasmine - my all time favourite. It is incredible and so pretty, I cannot wait to see what it looks like when it's dissolved in the water on Valentines day. 

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

I could talk about this bath bomb all day long, as it is that incredible. The rose bombshell smells exactly like freshly cut roses and when it dissolves rose petals emerge from the inside, could that sound more beautiful? I wasn't instantly drawn to this one until I saw the demo in the store and the colours and scents really came alive. This is actually a limited edition product for mothers day - so stock up! For the best results, combine this bath bomb with the 'Rose Jam' bubble bar - the colour and smells combine perfectly and it will literally be the best bath you ever have ever in the world. Like ever. 

Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Now, I never even noticed this product in the store until I got to the till and I had to have it. It is exceptionally pigmented so expect to have shimmering gold hands for the rest of the day haha! The scent is a combination of lemon and orange, which is heavenly. But the colour is incredible when it is dissolved, and it really speaks for itself. It literally looks like a bath for royalty. Which we all are, right?

The Experimenter

Okay, I have mixed opinions on this product. I think this is probably my least favourite that I bought, sad as I am to say, I didn't really like this too much. I'm going to be completely honest and say that I purchased this product entirely for the colours in my bath and I don't really like the scent at all. It is definitely an acquired scent and I can't quite put my finger on what the scent is exactly. The colours are mind-blowing don't get me wrong, but the scent was not especially my cup of tea!

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil

I can't deny the fact I did buy quite a few of these, guilty as charged. They are adorable and the smell is out of this world. I haven't actually tried one of the bath oils from Lush before which does shock even me! I think it's because they're so small you don't really notice them on the shelf when they're out-shined by huge bath bombs! The consistency is fabulous and I cannot explain how much I urge you all to use these. They could not smell any more like marshmallows if they tried, mmm!

Brightside Bubble Bar

This bubble bar is blinding with colour and you can't deny it looks fantastic with the bright orange and yellow swirls. As you can imagine, the scent is sensational citrus fruits - oranges in particular, giving you beautiful orange bath water. Plus, as this bubble bar is HUGE, it will last you ages! A small piece of the bar creates the biggest of bubbles!

Dream Cream Body Lotion

This product was one I didn't actually purchase simply because I wasn't sure what I thought of it at first as I was telling myself I had more body lotions than most of the British population. But the very nice sales assistant gave me a sample of the body lotion  and I regret not purchasing this at the time because it is actually amazing. Best purchase you could make, it smells incredible. Especially perfect for sensitive skin and for eczema suffers. 

So, there we go, a very long but detailed lush haul! I hope you all enjoyed reading this and let me know if you've found anything in Lush lately which you especially love! 



  1. Ahhhh who doesn't like a major crazy Lush haul... I know I DO!!! :) I really need to try the Rub Rub Rub body scrub, and I need to get myself a bubble bar, as I was recommended one before. I tried a bath bomb for the first time late last year and I wasn't very impressed but I'm sure if I tried some more they would be amazing! Great post Christie, and I am well jelly that you're all stocked up on Lush goodies (I need a trip soon)! xxx

    1. Everyone loves some lush goodies! Oh honestly, the Rub Rub Rub scrub is insane, definitely invest! The macaroon bubble bar is the best! Oh really, why didn't you like bath bombs? i adore them! Aww thank you, so happy you liked it! xx

  2. Lovely haul, it all looks great :) Tania xx

  3. It's so difficult not to go crazy in Lush! I've only tried Dream Cream from your haul, but I really want to try the others :)

    1. Ooh, what did you think to it? You need to try Rose Jam at least! heavenly xx

  4. Ooh I love a LUSH haul, there's so much in here that I haven't tried yet! Going to have to write some of these down and have a look in store :) thanks for sharing!

    Hana | ♥

    1. Aww, glad you enjoyed it! Make sure you purchase the Rose Jam - amazing! xx