Love Is In The Air | How To Spend Your 2016 Valentines.

Now, be honest..who still hasn't got their valentines gifts or made plans? 

Don't worry it's just been pancake day - so, priorities right? Single or Taken - make the most of your Valentines day. So, if you have no plans for Valentines day or any idea what to buy your loved one, hopefully this give you some inspiration!
Now in an attempt to organise your 2016 Valentines day...let's begin with the gifts!

The hardest part if you are buying for a male. The unanswered question of 'what to buy for a male on Valentines' - YES it is appears other people have googled this than just myself. I mean, there are dozens of articles on 'What to buy for Him on Valentines' but has anyone else noticed that the gifts they suggest are just bonkers. Literally, I read one article suggesting to buy an alarm clock for your partner on Valentines. Seriously, that just doesn't scream romance to me. I also face a tougher challenge as my partner's birthday is 3 days before which makes even buying a general gift harder. I find with men, do not go over the top. Generally, they just prefer to enjoy the day and are not really fussed about the gifts.

Visit a store and buy him a gorgeous item of clothing

Generally, men are practical, they want something they can use and not accept then never use or see again. So, you can't really go wrong with this. Find a slightly more expensive store or one of his favourites and buy him a nice jumper or shirt. But, keep the price tag on - so you can return it and so he knows how much $$$ you spent. #LOGIC.

I recommend...
Jack Wills
French Connection

Yes, be stereotypical and buy underwear (even if you're single!)

Everyone loves some luxury lingerie right? I mean, even if you're single this valentines just treat yourself. I spent longer in Victoria's Secret last week than I think I ever have in my life and I left feeling so cheerful knowing I have some nice new underwear sets. Hi-5 for matching bra and pants days! 

I recommend...
Victoria's Secret
Boux Avenue 

Something Cute & Personalised

Basically, check out They have the cutest little gifts handmade with personal details on them - which just look so thoughtful and cute. Even if they don't appreciate the romantic intention behind them, it makes you look super thoughtful for getting a personalised gift. 

I recommend...

Plans for Valentines? No? STAY IN. 

I personally have never really liked going out somewhere for Valentines, it's just full of lots of crowds of people and usually set menus - I need a wide variety of choice with my food guys I'm sorry. 

Staying in is perfect for me and it takes minimal effort to make it an enjoyable evening. Also, this is suitable for being single and when you have a valentine. 

It's so much fun decorating the table for either your partner or your friends. It's so simple to make your table look wonderful and all of these can be purchased at a really low cost and from a variety of stores - even supermarkets!
all you need is;
- Rose Petals
- A tablecloth
- Placemats and coasters (Valentines themed)
- Some quirky features e.g. Heart shaped glasses, table crackers
- Candles
- Love heart confetti

For the food don't stress - visit any supermarket and purchase their 'Valentines for Two' selection offers. These usually come with a starter, main and desert with a bottle of wine or chocolates. They're beautiful quality or you could simply find some recipes online and give them a try!

Then for the evening..

A nice relaxing bubble bath with candles, what could be more perfect and romantic? 
If you don't have a partner to share this with...there's always the leading man in your favourite romantic comedy - put a film on while you're relaxing in the tub!

Oh, and make sure you take full advantage of some the heavenly Valentines selection available at Lush. My personal favourite is the 'Sex Bomb' bath bomb leaving a rose scent and actual rose petals in your bath. 

Another year, another Valentines. I hope this has helped all you last minute planners and I'd love to hear everyone's valentines plans. 

Have a lovely Valentines everyone and spread as much love as you can!