Five Ultimate High-Street Cosy Candles To Start Your 2016

Another year where Christmas has come and gone and left us all with some more lovely festive memories. I trust you all had a fantastic Christmas and end to 2015 giving you all everything you asked Santa for! Christmas has been good to me this year, to the point where santa has also left me with more scented candles than you could possibly imagine. So I really wanted to share with you my five favourite ones that I received this Christmas and love the most! 

Oh, and, before you all realise the fact that Christmas was weeks ago now and start to think I'm just clinging onto the festive season with every fibre of my being - I literally just wanted to give the candles time to burn and see which ones were my favourite. Also, I forgot to mention in my last blog post... I have since turned...Twenty-One years old. Yes - one step closer to thirty. Please be gentle with me in this difficult stage of my life.

6 Miniature Candles
John Lewis. 

I received these for Christmas from my boyfriend and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they are. As they are miniatures you get the chance to smell which ones are your favourites and purchase them singularly. Another thing which surprised me was the fact that even though the candles are small - they take ages to burn out. They last ages and the smell is so subtle, you sometimes forget the candles are even burning. My personal favourites in this collection are 'Jasmine Petals' and 'Fig and Vetivert'.

'New York Collection Fragranced Candle' 

I was given this candle from Jack's Mum and Dad for Christmas and I loved it instantly. The presentation of the candle is super pretty and it really looks nice next to my flower pot in the kitchen. His mum explained the reason they got me this gift was because it was from the 'New York collection' reminding her of when Jack and I went to New York this past Autumn. I really didn't want to light it simply because it looks so pretty in my kitchen haha! But I finally caved and it smells heavenly. A really subtle fragrance and doesn't take long for the smell to fill the whole room - beautiful. 

'Sunlight On Snow'
Yankee Candle

My auntie gave me this gift for Christmas and I was unsure about if I'd like it or not. Now, I do like a good Yankee Candle don't get me wrong - but I really dislike their Christmas selection. The scents are so strong it makes me feel slightly unwell when I inhale them - usually the bright red or orange coloured candles are the worst for me! However, I was bought 'Sunlight on Snow' for Christmas and my god did I love it. I think it is probably one of the best candles I have ever smelt. It is such a light cosy candle which burns forever - as you know Yankees last you ages! I wish they did this candle all year round because it is simply stunning. 

Love Heart Tea-Light Candles

I can't even hide the fact that these are in my top five purely down to decoration purposes. I think they just look so beautiful in a room! They have a very, and I mean very, beautiful smell - a very light Jasmine scent. They look so beautiful when they are lit and really does improve the overall appearance and smell of a room. Loved them, they make a room feel so cosy and very romantic. Once again, Jack bought these for me for Christmas - the boy did good. 

Alphabet White Jasmine Candles

These three candles were a joint gift from my Sister and her partner to me and Jack. I adored these instantly. I normally don't like soppy 'C & J against the world' type decoration or anything like that but these really were super cute. I found they just looked adorable and smell heavenly. I have the same fragrance in a reed diffuser so I was thrilled to receive some more in that scent. However, this is the only set I haven't burnt yet. I just don't want to spoil their appearance - Please don't judge me!

There you have it; my ultimate cosy candles to kick-start the new year! I really hope this has encouraged you all to purchase some new high street candles and get your homes smelling lovely and fresh! As they were gifts to myself I cannot give you all the exact costs as I don't know them, I'm so sorry! But they are all high street items. If you all have any candle recommendations please do let me know in the comments! 



  1. Those candles look wonderful! I'm a big fan of burning candles in the evenings.

    1. So am i! You should really try them - the new york collection candle is one of my favourites so far! x

  2. All of these candles look super cute, and I'd guess you love candles by how many you got for Christmas haha! The love heart shaped candles would look fab in future blog photos too :) Great post Christie!! xx

    1. Aww thanks Leonni! I do love some candles haha! Any candles you like best? :) xx