Visiting...The Kitty Cafe!

Yesterday, on my lunch hour, I met my mum for lunch and everywhere we normally go was full. Then up the road was 'The Kitty Cafe' and I couldn't resist going in. This cafe has been open for a while in Nottingham, but I have never been until now! The aim is to sit and have tea, lunch and cake surrounded by these adorable little fury friends. 

First of all, you pay £5 welfare fee to get in and all the people who work there have call centre headsets on as if they're super spies running around in a frenzy. At the end of the day, it's a cafe, not MI5...that part I did think was a bit over the top. 

But the food and drinks are actually really good value and they were really nice. For my tea, the teacup had a beautiful design with cats on it. Obviously the best part was seeing all the little kittens running around. They had all kinds of breeds, even the breed they use for the grumpy cat memes (no clue what it's called!)

Then there was this special little one, his name was Jupiter. He was obsessed with food, he came up to everyone trying to steal their food, reminded me so much of being at home with my kitten haha! He was hilarious, but sadly the staff quickly came to grab him before he was victorious in getting a bit of ham and cheese panini. But then, Jupiter had his moment, he jumped at speed and successfully got a bit of salad from some poor woman's plate. 1-0 Jupiter, he was finally victorious. Everyone was cheering and a standing ovation-- (okay, that part didn't happen, I just got wrapped up in Jupiters victory!) 

Well done Jupiter!

I did see some adorable cats and even little kittens who were no bigger than the size of your Sky remote. 

The place was great and so much fun! Some of the toys the cats had were amazing, I was actually jealous and it made me feel as if my cat had nothing! When in reality, he has 90% of pets at home's cat collection. It was amazing and it's clear the cats are really happy surrounded by attention and toys. 

If you are ever in the area, it is recommended you visit! 



  1. If I am ever in Nottingham this is on my list to go. Obviously as a complete and utter crazy cat lady this is the place for me! xx

    1. Hahaha! it is incredible, there's some cute little kitty's! You have to go! :) xxx

  2. This looks like the cutesy place! If I ever find myself close by I am definitely calling in!