My Hair Journey: Dark Brunette to 'Bronde' Balayage | Session 3

Hello All! 
Now I am so excited to be able to finally share the third session in my hair journey with you guys. It's been around five weeks since I last updated you all on my hair journey and as of this previous Sunday...I have had my third session! hallelujah! I can't even express how long it's felt for me. Weeks have felt like months let me tell you! So without me ranting about looking like a tiger for around a month, here we go! Also, if you haven't seen the other two sessions I will post the links at the end for you.

If you all remember this was the way we last left my hair. Yes, I know it is VERY orange and a little striped. Another reason I am documenting my hair journey is to give you all an insight into how difficult it is to go from one drastic colour to another! I had no idea how hard it would be. I saw dozens of Youtube videos of girls going from jet black to platinum blonde in one sitting and it gave me a huge expectation that mine would work the same. In reality, if you don't want hair as thin and damaged as straw then take it steady. I have had three treatments now in around 2 months which is still a lot. As I have lots of natural red/chocolate tones in my hair - my hair does not take well to turning blonde! 

To start - yes it is very stripy and darker than you'd have thought - but be aware this was the worst lighting in all of creation. 

This time my hairdresser Jade, who you may remember is one of my closest friends, used the balayage technique along with separate highlights. This was to try to get the top of my hair that little bit lighter whilst avoiding my roots and keeping within the balayage technique! She has applied a lower strength bleach to my hair, this was due to my hair taking much higher volumes of bleach than ever before lately. This time we did not use any toner on my hair compared with previously. We simply bleached and washed off...however, I have exceptionally thick long hair....

....This was a particularly long process...for some more than others!

And here you have the finished product...(for this session anyway!) it is a lot blonder and blends with the rest of my hair much better! I am also going to apologise for my horrifically bright work pass blinding you all and ruining the photograph. I sensed the opportunity for midday natural lighting. Soon I am hoping for it to be light enough for us to simply apply a blonde colour! I'll be sure to post the next session in around another 4-5 weeks.

Want To See How It All Began?


 For anyone in the Nottinghamshire area my hairdresser's name is Jade Barclay and her new contact details are below for appointment bookings or any questions: 



  1. Your hair looks stunning!

  2. Thank you so much! So nice to hear you like it, it's such a long process! X

  3. It looks lovely! I've had this problem but it's definitely worth it :) xo

    1. Aww thank you! Very nice to hear you like it especially as you've experienced a similar problem yourself! xx

  4. Such a lovely colour! Iv been wanting a way to change up my hair for ages but dont want a drastic cut or to dye my hair so I'm a bit suck! Someone suggested a loose perm and I dont know if that is a terrible idea..!xx

    1. Thank you! Oooh have you had chance to mix it up since you commented?! xxx