Homemade Liqueur Chocolates | Who Had A Chocolate-Filled Christmas?!

Hello Everyone! Christmas 2015 has officially been and gone, so my aim in this post is to keep the magic of Christmas alive (for just a little bit longer!)

As you can see my inspiration for this post was CHOCOLATE...and lots of it! The ones I have included on this post were actually made by my Grandad. You may remember the post I did showing his legendary banana muffins, well now here I present to you his annual boozy chocolates! I know, he's a baking mastermind. He made the chocolates entirely himself with flavours ranging from Brandy to Malibu. The boxes he purchased from 'The Cake Craft Shop' who you can find online. He then added ribbon and additional Christmas decorations such as, stick-on Santa and Christmas trees. Finally just to top it off and give it a final flourish...he has placed his initials in gold lettering in the corner of the box...show off! 

They look pretty incredible right?

So how was everyones Christmas? I can honestly say, 2015 has been one of my favourite Christmases. I got some to spend it with some lovely people and I received such lovely presents. My personal highlights were; a gorgeous snuggly throw from Next, more candles than Yankee themselves, bakery items, Sabrina The Teenage Witch boxset...(who remembers that awesome show with the talking cat!?), my favourite childhood book which was the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton and many Lush goodies!

I am planning on doing an in depth post on some of my Christmas goodies and an entire post dedicated to candles. Genuinely can't contain my excitement. 

I hope you all had a truly magical Christmas and Santa got you everything you wished for!



  1. Love these CHOCOLATES! Your Grandad is truly a baking mastermind! Handmade is always better!

    1. I read him your comment and he loved it, that was super sweet of you to say :-) xx