Christmas At Copper.

It's getting closer to Christmas now, so me and my sister Abbie's annual festive girlie day was in order. We met up for a nice lunch, did last minute bits of Christmas shopping and to get our nails done ready for Christmas. 

As per usual, I chose us a fantastic restaurant to go to for Lunch. Now in Nottingham, I'll grant you - it isn't the biggest city or amazing in terms of shopping. But our restaurants and bars are brilliant, there's a great selection. This new restaurant opened on the corner about 2 months ago (where the dodgy 80s bar Revival used to be!) and it is called Copper. Anyone that knows me, knows my obsession for Copper - So basically I had to go because of the name of the restaurant. 

When we walked in, it was beautifully decorated with all festive christmas lights and tinsel surrounding the staircase. There was a lovely atmosphere inside and the entire interior was beautiful (a big thing in my book!). It was full of little details, which I love. The logo was 'CU' the periodic symbol for Copper, the tables were made of vintage oak wood (everything was wooden! - win!), I just loved it all.

Abbie insisted on sitting in the booth, so we began by ordering a cocktail each, it would be rude not to. I had a Cosmopolitan - one of my all time favourites. I have to say, it was the best I had ever had and lasted minutes. For food, Abbie had a caesar salad. Not my preference, but she said it was nice! I chose steamed mussels served with rustic chips and a slightly seasoned roll. 


Oh, and our bill was served in a little wooden box. I just can't deal with the perfection. 



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