Who's Feeling Festive?

 Now Halloween has come to an end, I am very pleased to announce...


Erm okay, well, it's not quite Christmas. But...It means I can now begin to put up decorations, which is good enough for me (for now!).

As this year will be mine and Jack's first Christmas in our new home, I really want to make sure the whole house looks very festive. Last Christmas, we spent Christmas morning at my old flat, which had no tree, no decorations. Nothing. I was a poor student. It was highly depressing, especially for an absolute Christmas maniac like me. I did however, attempt to keep the festive spirit alive for Christmas morning. I managed to find a small light-up tree decoration and placed our presents underneath to create the illusion of 'presents under the tree'. Yes, I admit, to me, this sounded much better in my head, even a little bit sweet. But wait until you see the photo. Trust me, it's much more tragic than you're imagining...

Yes, that was Christmas 2014 people. Isn't it a classic.

Today I purchased a few Christmas decorations..I know it's sad as it's literally three days into November, but...can you seriously tell me you would be able to resist a snowy beautiful rose gold glittery beaded snowflake?



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