The Ultimate Shopping Experience | Aveda

I experienced my first time yesterday. My first AVEDA. Coming from a mad skincare addict, this is hard to believe I am aware. I was utterly blown away by the products. Up until now I have always been a loyal Origins fiend buying every product they sell, but after today I am pretty sure I am converted.

I went into my nearest House Of Frazer and found the Aveda stand, I was actually doing my Christmas shopping and was looking for an anti-aging face cream for my grandma. I simply was browsing at Aveda, then got in a full blown chatty conversation with the man working there, named Sam. He was phenomenal at customer service and the nicest man. Don't get me wrong, I have been treated very well in certain shops before, i.e. Space NK. As I spent 90% of my bank contents on their products they do treat me very nicely, but this was something else.

He explained all the products and their ingredients, features etc to me and eventually I settled on a product after having a lovely conversation with him about his and my own lives. He offered me a seat with some complimentary herbal tea made by the same company. Then he returned with some gift boxes and began doing a Love Actually moment doing the ultimate gift wrapping...

He placed the product in the centre and placed lots of complimentary samples around the outside making the present look extra special, whilst he told me to sit and relax with my tea. He then said as I had never tried the brand before, I should take some samples and he gave some to me also for me personally to try out. 

Seriously amazing. I have only tried the hand cream so far and it is beautiful. Sadly I cannot do any other product reviews as it is for a Christmas present. But I was extremely impressed, thanks Sam!



  1. Good customer service makes you want to buy from the company more! There is nothing hard in putting on a smile and making someone feel welcome. I haven't tried Aveda yet, but I really want to!
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

    1. I completely agree, some people just completely forget don't they! This guy was amazing, had the best time. The products smell so lovely, I haven't tried them fully yet but they do look incredible xxx