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On this miserable Sunday morning, I bring to you a very happy Christmassy post! Now, it's no secret that I am a little bit addicted to browsing on the Not On The High Street website filling up my basket as if I have all the money in the world. Thus follows the depressing part where I have to remove almost every item to ensure my total isn't over a thousand pounds. For those of you who have never heard of Not On The High Street, it is the ultimate website for personalised and non-commercial products you wouldn't find typically on the high street. They sell all kinds of products, but mainly I buy home decor from this website. Literally, I think I love that website more than some of my extended family members. I will admit, it is rather expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, don't torture yourself...just wait until payday and then just have a huge blowout.

Yesterday when I finished work, my boyfriend's mum handed me the Not On the High Street Christmas catalogue, which made my entire day. I took it home and this morning the pen was out, the tea was brewed and I was circling my favourites! Does anyone else still do that? I remember as a kid my mum would make me circle or put a star next to items I liked in the Argos catalogue in the run-up to Christmas. She may as well not have bothered, I just wanted anything that was or belonged to Barbie or MyScene.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand, I have decided to share all my favourites with you all so you can all circle along with me and make your home look ultra Christmassy. I will also be sharing my favourite items suitable for Christmas gifts! So if you're still unsure of what to get, I recommend you keep reading (and of course order the catalogue, just for your visual pleasure if nothing else!).

Personalised Letter To Santa Stocking
Before I even saw this product in the catalogue, I had placed it in my basket online. As me and Jack don't have stockings for ourselves since we've moved in together, I am taking over and buying us some this year. This was the best design I had found, I just loved how cosy and festive it was. Also, having our names already on is a massive bonus, I'm horrific at sewing. I left those skills at GCSE.

Personalised Christmas Sack
Now, come on, this is simply amazing. How can you not think this is cool? This is such a personal touch and I think seeing this by the tree with presents overflowing would look super cute especially for children. This would not be an option for me sadly, as I have a foolish kitten who quite likes bags and trapping himself inside them!

Personalised '10 Things I Love About You' Box
I thought this was such a lovely idea, yes maybe it isn't the great idea from my part giving to a male as a gift. My boyfriend wouldn't really get the same cuteness vibe from this that I did, which makes me sad because I would have LOVED to give him this for Christmas. It's just so cute! I'm hoping my boyfriend fancies a spontaneous browse on my blog or flicks through the catalogue and notices how cute I find this. I can only imagine what he'd write for the 10 things..."I love how you never wash the pots and it's always left for me to do.." Ahh, relationship goals right there guys. 

Personalised Colour Block Cosy & Mug
I do not own a little tea cosy and never have I wanted one really, but when I saw this in the catalogue, I just thought it was super cute! It's not so much the name being on it which I like, it's more the quality and coloured wool of the product which attracted me to it. I think having one of these would make me feel like the woman on Gogglebox with the tea cosy addiction though.

Personalised Shaving Scuffle and Soap Dish
Not the most exciting of presents, but if like my house, your partner or you leaves shaving foam and the razor on the sink... INVEST. Seriously, I dread when my boyfriend decides to shave as I know the razor will be placed in the toothbrush holder. Yes, I know, just don't even go there. It traumatises me every time.  "I don't like mess Christie, where else can it go!?". Ah ha, I hear your request Mr. I do find the price of this VERY extravagant, but I am assuming it will be good quality pottery.

Personalised Biscuit Barrel
This was one of my personal favourites! Me and my Grandad have an understanding, from my end more than his..everytime I am round at his house I drink all his orange juice and eat the best biscuits with my tea. I plan on purchasing this for his Christmas present so I hope he doesn't see the catalogue!

Personalised Pocket Cushion
I love the idea behind this cushion, so personal and really did make me laugh. My grandad is forever losing the control and always with a biscuit on hand, so this would be a really 'funny' Christmas present. However, I think it's one of them products you can't actually see yourself using, it's just more visual.

Copper Geometric Candle Holder Lantern
I LOVE THIS. I love candles and I love copper. Perfect gift for me. Who doesn't love cooper or rose gold? Let's be honest, I don't trust people who don't like copper.

Personalised Pet Treat & Toy Crate
This idea is perfect. I am currently storing 90% of Pets At Home's kitten collection under my dining table and it's driving me mad. This is such a cute little storage box and I love how it has little paw prints on, such a cute idea compared to having a simple plain plastic box for storage.

Animal Egg Cup
Okay, yes, this may have been from the 'gifts for children' section, but I love it. I adore egg cups and these are so so so cuteeeee. Look at his little bow tie, oh my...and super cheap!

As Ollie is perfectly illustrating, if you like any of the products I have discussed or want to check out the website to browse their other products, this is the place to do it!



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