My Ten Favourite Parts Of 2015 | Reflection

We're coming to the end of 2015 and I don't know about everyone else, but for me it has flown by. It has been a year with some ups and some downs, however, I want to focus on all the good things that have happened to me this year. Here is my opportunity to share my favourite parts of this year with you guys. I'd love to hear your 2015 highlights too, so please comment below or link me to a similar post of your own!

Visiting The City That Never Sleeps.
Visiting New York for the first time with my favourite person was the big highlight of my year. I've always wanted to go to New York and Jack booked a week here in a gorgeous hotel as a surprise for me. Spending this time away together was one of the best weeks of my life, not just my year.

Bringing Home My Pride & Joy.

Yes, in July/August time we got this little beauty. We initially wanted to name him Dexter or Simba but eventually settled on Ollie as he was ginger like Oliver Twist and he's the greediest cat you'd ever meet..'please guys, can i have some more...'

Doing As The Irish Do.
Not the greatest photograph in the world granted, but lets just focus on the fact I had been in Dublin bars for most of the afternoon to evening. This Photo was taken on our first real holiday together to Dublin, Ireland as my present to Jack for his birthday. Fantastic week, I was clearly very happy here, standing on the Ha'Penny Bridge at around 1am.

Valentines Dinner Overlooking The City.
This year for Valentines, it was just after we had come back from Dublin and was seriously low on funds. So we decided to have a valentines meal for two in my old apartment (located in the city centre of Nottingham). I was also surprised with some gorgeous red roses. This was also only the second time I've ever had flowers bought for me, which to me is pretty special.

Failed Spa Weekend With My Sister.
Yes, you read this right. We planned a spa weekend for her birthday and it turned out to be a massive disaster. The retreat had an average age of 65 and was a public health club/gym not a spa. Oh and also our treatments got cancelled as they never booked them in. Yes, a failure haha! But, this year me and my sister haven't spent a massive amount of time together like usual. So ending up spending £20 on a terrible bottle of Rose and watching One Born Every Minute in bed made it all worth it just to make the time to see each other.

Visiting York.
Being taken here for my birthday at the start of this year, was beautiful. We had to queue for a good 45 minutes to go into the original Betty's Cafe but it was so worth it. Cutest weekend away.

The Best Indian Restaurant Imaginable.
For my sisters birthday, I took her for a meal to an Indian restaurant in Nottingham city centre named 'Calcutta Club'. Absolute heaven and a great evening together, followed by a night out with friends...achievement after a three course indian meal. And just look how boooootiful my sister looks in this photo.

Attending Alexander McQueen Exhibition
I managed to convince Jack to have a weekend in London with me so we could attend the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition. I love McQueen and the exhibition was nothing short of perfection...even Jack said 'it was alright I suppose'.

Moving Into Our First Home Together
In June this year me and Jack moved into our first home together. I was previously living in my flat in Nottingham, we practically lived together back then seeing each other a lot, but this was somewhere together.

Spending 24 Hours Painting Four Walls
Ignore my annoying little face at the end of this photo, it is horrible and so shockingly awful haha. But it is a cute photo, this is one from my photo albums of us decorating our bedroom. Sounds simple, fairly small room, two of us. Easy? Oh no...this took us a good 24 hours. Yes, it was hell.

So there you go, my favourite moments of 2015. I have more obviously, but these come top, more because they have given me some incredible memories. Now lets get prepared for 2016 and for me to become yet another year older, unhappy about that factor. So I'll be 21, but on the bright side I'll be able to drive 7.5 ton lorries...super handy!



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