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In today's post, I just wanted to discuss some products that have really captured my interest lately. I was going to feature these a my monthly favourites post at the start of next month, but I was just too excited to share these (mainly my teacup candle because I just can't deal with the cuteness!)

Lace up/Corset style fasteners or decoration on tops, dresses, anything lately is driving me into a frenzy! I first saw a dress from Topshop with a lace-up front and I couldn't take my eyes off it, generating my lace-up addiction. 

Recently a company named 'Boutique of Molly' approached me asking if I would be interested in trying some of their clothes. The company itself were really lovely and pleasant to deal with, however, I wasn't blown away by their website. When I looked at the website I wasn't overwhelmed, but then I visited their twitter page looking at garments other bloggers had tried and reviewed and the images showed the clothing to its full potential. I fell in love with the clothes when I saw them on other bloggers more than on the website and this stunning grey lace-up top was my personal favourite. I do recommend you take a look at their twitter page first, which I will link at the end of this post, as well as the website link, as the images are much more accurately represented. The prices are fairly expensive so as a sweetener, if you see anything you like enter code CHRISTAABELLE20 for 20% off any purchase with Boutique of Molly.

Secondly, I have found some super affordable and gorgeous scented candles! As you all know, me and candles have a very loving relationship. I just love them more than I can put into words. My grandad bought me this little teacup candle on Monday, yes I know it's beautiful and cosy. He bought it from...wait for it...Home Bargains! Just super cute and affordable! I have also found at my local Morrisons and Sainsbury's supermarkets, some amazing candles. The pink one I have pictured smells of Jasmine and cost me 75p! So, if you want to express your love for candles, you don't always have to spend a fortune on Yankee Candles! 

'Atlanta Lace-up Top' - Boutique of Molly



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