Discovering...Bomb Cosmetics

Now, this is an ABSOLUTE must for all you Lush hoarders out there (and let's face it,who isn't!?)

Whilst Christmas shopping today, I stumbled upon a stand for the brand Bomb Cosmetics, which up until now, I have never heard of. I saw they had some adorable little Christmas themed bath bombs and I couldn't resist buying one. Jack made me resist buying four.

I chose one with a little baby reindeer on top named 'Deer Me'. Cute.

When I got home I tested it and honestly I was so impressed! The smell is a subtle and to me it smelt a bit like coconut (even though there's none in the ingredients! haha..). This also gave my bath a light orange-brown colour on top of all my bubbles. I actually felt as if I had heaps of moisturiser on my skin or I'd applied lots of Soap and Glory products at once. Thinking about it, it actually does smell a lot like Soap and Glory's 'Clean on Me' shower gel. This bath bomb actually contains velvetier extract making your skin soft as velvet, which I did feel when I got out of my lovely bubbly bath.

Once I'd settled into my PJ bottoms and my Game of Thrones t-shirt (not ashamed...) I began researching their website. Their products were amazing, they sold shower gels, even more bath bombs and, wait for it...CANDLES. Hallelujah. I think everyone knows by now how much of an absolute addict I am with candles. I just don't understand people who don't love candles?!

I found out all their products are homemade, much like Lush, but much cheaper. When I purchased my bath bomb, this was from a little retail shop for £1.99...compared with Lush, these are much cheaper and just as good. If you love the style of Lush like me, basically, having cupcake soaps that look pretty much edible then I would 100% recommend checking their website: 
I am definitely looking at trying more products, especially the candles!

I'm loooooving it.



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