My Hair Journey: Dark Brunette to 'Bronde' Balayage | Session 2

A week on and we have reached the second part of my balayage journey from dark chocolate brown to 'bronde' balayage. For those of you who have followed, this, you'll remember the above photo was how I left it. You'll also remember me explaining my hairdresser Jade also happens to be one of my closest friends and therefore does my hair at her home enabling me to document this much easier! If you haven't read the first session I will leave the link below, if you wanted to see how I got to this point.

Now, as I explained last time, I used only two products - a maximum strength bleach on my hair and a silver toner. As my hair was very dark and seriously red, not to mention been dyed many times, Jade informed me that it would go a gingery/caramel/red colour and we'd need a few sessions to get to the blonde I wanted. So here I bring to you my second session...

So, yes, I am aware this does look very very red and much more mis-matched than you expected. My first photo shows the ends being a lovely blonde colour, which you can see. However, I have extremely long hair. So yes...there was a bit of work to do this time.

Yes, I am aware I look like a spider has spun the biggest web in all creation on my hair. But in fact, this time she used a fairly different technique of balayage on my hair. She used clingfilm on top of the  bleach enabling it to trap the heat inside causing the colour to lift much lighter. We also kept the bleach on for a little longer than before and added extra onto the ends mid-way through the developing process. 
Next we washed off the bleach and applied silver toner in order to get rid of the horrible orangey red tones. 

And now...the finished product..(well session two finished!) I wanted a mix of caramel, blonde and brown in order to produce my balayage. 

As you're all aware bleach is very bad for your hair and therefore I don't want too many sessions at once. So my next session will be in around 3-4 weeks if not longer. She has also recommended I use a silver toner shampoo in order to encourage the warm red tones to disappear!

 For anyone in the Nottinghamshire area my hairdresser's name is Jade Barclay and her new contact details are below for appointment bookings or any questions: 



  1. That is quite the journey! I'm really loving the shade you have right now, your hair looks fabulous!

    1. Aww thank you, that's lovely of you to say! I would just like a bit of a lighter brighter blonde to balance out the caramel. I'll be posting my third session probably just before christmas! :) xx