My Hair Journey: Dark Brunette to 'Bronde' Balayage | Session 1

As some of you have probably seen on my twitter account this week, I have made the decision to leave my lovely warm dark chocolate brunette colour behind for now and take up the 'Bronde' balayage trend. The reason behind this was simply I have never been blonde in my life and as I have a very pale skin tone, I have always been curious if this style would suit me better. This isn't an easy process and will take minimum two sessions to get my hair anywhere near close to what I'm aiming for, I am planning on documenting this on my blog for any of you planning on doing something similar yourselves.

What is Balayage?
Balayage is a technique which in effect is 'freehand painting' on your own hair. Yes, this sounds bizarre but this trend has been dominating celebrities and fashion magazines recently and I think it looks fantastic. The most famous example of this offhand is Khloe Kardashian's newest blonde look. The technique aims to appear less 'blocky' as ombre and to blend all together through a highlight type process. 

My hairdresser, who just happens to be one of my closest friends, took upon the challenge to get me close to what I was looking for! As she is one of my closest friends, I visit her at her home or her to mine for my hair appointments. My inspiration for this look was the following images: 

[All above Inspiration photographs taken from and are not my own] 

My hairdresser informed me this would take a few sessions due to how dark my hair is and based upon the fact my hair has been dyed several times before. If you have 'virgin hair' which has never been dyed or bleached your colour transition will be much easier to achieve. First, she cut my hair as it is important to do this before balayage effects are created. She then applied level 40 max strength bleach to my hair in balayage strips until it was completely painted...

(Not the greatest photograph as I was munching on some Walkers crisps!) 

Yes, it is a messy process and the bleach smells horrific. She then left the bleach to develop and washed off when time limit was reached, I can't remember exactly how long offhand as I was clearly focusing on my food. 

She then placed toner on my hair in a silver colour (yes, I freaked out when I found this out too). So with the idea I was about to turn into Phillip Schofield she placed on the toner. The purpose behind this was as my hair was SUPER dark and the bleach was pretty much set to dye my hair more orange than my halloween pumpkins, the toner would cool down the tones. 

Now, this was my first session complete. This is due to how damaging bleach is for your hair, particularly mine being the length and thickness it is. I am waiting a week for my next appointment with her next wednesday to repeat this process to hopefully add some blonder bits in there! Currently I am left with a mixture of light-dark brunette tones with caramel highlights and a few odd dark blonde bits. Sounds delightful doesn't it! But based on my inspiration images, this has begun to give me the dark tones and the caramel mixtures I wanted. I will be sure to post the next session up next week, so stay tuned! Also, I am thinking of doing a Q&A with my hairdresser who specialises in balayage, extensions and getting you that tumblr hair look haha! So let me know below if you have any questions for her or you would be interested in this.

For anyone in the Nottinghamshire area my hairdresser's name is Jade Barclay and her new contact details are below for appointment bookings or any questions: 



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