5 Luxury Gifts For Your Pet This Christmas

So as a pet owner and a person who loves my kitten like a child (despite the fact he's currently biting my toes) I am determined to buy Ollie some amazing christmas presents for his first Christmas. Despite my boyfriend being totally against this and thinking I'm a complete nutcase for buying the cat Christmas gifts, his bank balance has contributed to it - who wins this one now? When I was looking for a post showing some great gift inspo for animals, I really struggled. So for something that little bit more special, I found some products online which are amazing for your pet which I thought I'd share with you guys! Here I have selected my top 5, some of which I've purchased myself for my kitten. I have also found some similar alternatives for dogs too. I will link the products below incase you are interested in them yourselves. I will state, I have NOT personally reviewed these products yet as they are Christmas gifts, if anyone wants my opinions on them post-xmas, I will gladly give you feedback!

Interactive Toys
Now, there's this wonderful creation! It is designed to improve your cats senses and occupy them. This product is fitted with a timer feature e.g. 30 minutes to automatically stay on while you're at work for example. I did find this product on www.petspyjamas.com. This product isn't priced too extremely, but is still a little more expensive than your standard pet shop and is retailed at £37.99. I actually have purchased this for my kitten for Christmas due to me and my boyfriend often being out during the daytime on weekdays and hopefully this will be a wonderful toy to occupy him...even though he'll probably continue to play with our sky broadband box from last year and nothing else...

An alternative for your puppy I found is this! 

This product also helps develop skills and keep them entertained. The aim is to place the treat underneath the sections and they have to work out how to find it, lift it and different difficulties can be set. This product is really good value priced at £9.99 pre-delivery cost from www.petspyjamas.com. 

Water Fountain
Now this product is suitable for both cats and dogs, which is brilliant! I thought this product was incredible and I have also purchased one of these myself. As you'll be aware, filling up the water bowl in the morning does not prevent cat/dog hair or bits of food falling into the water etc. which isn't pleasant for the pets. It's a known fact that pets are more attracted to running water and this encourages them to drink more water throughout the day too. My kitten is absolutely obsessed with water and he loves the taps in our kitchen and bathroom, so i'm hoping this will distract him from them and use this instead! You can control the flow of the fountain from a light flow to a full flow of water. The product comes with two filters ensuring all pet hair is removed from the water and is filtered ensuring the water never remains stagnant. Now, the price point of this item is fairly high at £41.99 from www.petspyjamas.com, however, I have found this exact item on amazon for £28. So, don't cause yourself any unnecessary expense. 


I have never used pet grooming products up to yet so I have nothing to compare this brand to. However, I have seen this brand 'Pet Head' in my vets and in Pets At Home so I am sure it has some credibility. The reason I liked this particular product was the fact it is a 'dry clean' aid, meaning I can simply spray this onto Ollie's coat and he will be clean and smell much fresher. As you are aware, most cats hate water or at least being bathed. So I thought this would work much better! This brand also produce products for dogs too so this is able to satisfy all. The price point of these products are very good value. This particular product 'Dry Clean Spray Shampoo' was £8.99 from www.kittykit.co.uk. Pet Head do have their own website too which feature their entire range for both cats and dogs. 


I watched a section on This Morning recently with Mr Silver fox Scofe, insisting how important dental hygiene is to cats and dogs health. This can cause long lasting and potentially fatal problems! I know, this isn't a "luxury" but it is so important! I personally didn't like the idea of fiddling around with Ollie's teeth, my cat thinks he's a lion, not about that life risk guys. So this product, again, suitable for both cats and dogs, is so simple and in my case risk free haha. All you have to do is spray it in with their food, the spray has no taste or smell so does not stop them eating their food. Despite the fact a hurricane wouldn't stop Ollie's dinner time. This gives them fresh breath and cleans their teeth.

Snuggly Cutesy Cosy Toys

Now, these are completely in-expensive. However, a little bit more luxurious and cute than you'd find in your local supermarket or smaller pet shop. I just thought these little guys had the cutest little faces, they're for kittens or cats and filled with catnip. Basically just super cute. I found these on www.petspyjamas.com and were retailed at £5.00.

Now for the Pup's, I found these adorable little cupcakes cuddly toys! If I had a dog, I'd be buying all sorts like this! They are vanilla scented snuggly toys that make little squeaky sounds when they're bitten. Cute! These are also from www.petspyjamas.com and retailed at 4.49 per cupcake. 



  1. sometimes I prefer giving my dog presents rather than getting presents myself, aha! x


  2. Haha! I'm the same with my cat, pretty sure Ive spent more on him than some of my family ���� xx