5 Hair & Beauty Mistakes I Made In My Teens!

Now, I am aged twenty, a month and a bit away from being twenty one.  My obsession with hair and make-up begun when I was about 16 years old. I was never one of them girls who went to school with lots of orange tinted mis-matched shade foundation over my face and lips. I never really bothered with it unless I went to a party (ooh..cans of strongbow and curfews!). Since then i'd like to think I have learned a little something from my mistakes! I since found out some people still do some of these, I'm not saying it's wrong, if that's how you do your beauty routine and it works for you that's absolutely fine. I am not a professional beautician and I have only learnt from my mistakes through my own learning!

Two Layers Of Foundation & A Side Of Concealer, If You Please?!
Yes, worst sight ever. This photograph was taken when I was eighteen. In my make-up routine I used to apply an entire layer of MAC Studio Finish in NC15 all over my face and then add two layers of MAC Studio Sculpt NC20. Yeah...I'm afraid I can't even explain myself. Oh and to top it off...I didn't wear translucent powder. I wore tinted powder (sometimes no powder at all!). As you can tell...what was going on with my face. Oh my. Not only was this AWFUL for my skin, but it clearly didn't look good. Thankfully, this was literally a fad and didn't last much longer from my 18th birthday. 

Eyebrows With A Life Of Their Own
Do I even need to explain this photograph? My god. This photograph was taken when I was seventeen on holiday and I literally have no excuse for them horrific eyebrows. I don't really remember what product I was using on my eyebrows, I think it was a basic eyebrow crayon pencil. I will admit I am still not good with doing my eyebrows, I do struggle with them. I either make them too big, small, too filled in, too bare. I'm just not good with them, but not this bad. Oh and this is probably the closest you'll ever get to a photo of my natural hair colour!

No Foundation Fringe
This is probably the worst and most embarrassing one yet. I never want to share this with anyone, but you all may as well laugh at my expense. Now this photograph is just to show what I looked like with a full fringe aged seventeen. However, this mistake was actually made by a very foolish fourteen- fifteen year old Christie. At this age I rarely wore make-up unless I went out with my friends...so I sorta may have avoided applying foundation to my forehead because "you can't even see it because my fringe covers it". Yes, that is majorly embarrassing. 

Fake Tan Frenzy
Well, basically I used to love fake tanning myself. I never looked quite as orange as I do in this photo in fairness, but I did used to apply St Tropez a lot. Nothing wrong with that right? Fake tan looks good! But I will admit I used to top up my tan before I went out the door with a mitt (sometimes a sock...). Literally minutes before...streaky tan alert. Now, I can say I barely ever wear fake tan, I've embraced my paleness.

I NEVER styled my fringe, I sported the curtains look.

Oh. Yes, this is me aged 17 i think? (with a sneaky bottle of caribbean twist under my arm...cheekay) Yes erm. I can't even properly justify this image. I was often sporting the side curtains look, almost as if i didn't want full blown front curtains, just a side curtain vibe. God, what is that blouse too, It seemed a popular choice of mine though. So here I am with one of my still best friends Ashley and we both look very different now haha! So yes, I had a huge habit of never brushing or styling my fringe and just keeping it like this. I must have looked ridiculous 99.9% of the time I was seen in public. Getting rid of my full fringe was a wise decision I feel.

Well there you go. You've all had a laugh, at my expense admittedly, but let's just focus on how bad I was at hair and beauty. I'm not great now but compared to these photographs, I am now world class haha! So learn from this post, never do these and if you used to, I feel your pain - you are not alone!



  1. These pics aren't that bad! I think everyone has to go through bad makeup to learn how to apply it well, it's like a right of passage to becoming a woman!

    1. Oh dear! not that bad!? I was seriously scared of posting them incase someone saw it thinking I still looked like this haha! It's a bit of fun eh! we all make mistakes! xx