We've Been Carving Some Pumpkins!

In a bid to cling onto the Halloween spirit for one final week, I carved my first ever pumpkin. This, I will admit, was not the best process of my life. It's such a messy process but when you get to the carving part, it's so much more fun and I did enjoy doing it. My pumpkin is the one on the left and Jack's is on the right. Who's is best? However, if you can possibly do this task successfully whilst having a pet in the room I applaud you. My kitten has pretty much digested a full pumpkin today and has almost fell inside the pumpkin several times. So, I'm not expecting them to remain intact for a long period of time, especially as mine already has a war wound scratch on his face. Anyone else done their Halloween pumpkins yet?

Here's to keeping the Halloween spirit alive for one final week. 



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