Spot Of Tea? | Cosy Decor

Today we went for lunch in a tiny little tearoom and cafe, located down the road from our house. I absolutely loved the decor and design of the cafe! The cost was affordable, nothing extravagant about it, however, the decor was so personal and pretty. I just love it.

We sat underneath a little wooden shelter outside ordering two pots of green tea with two sandwiches costing £15. Like I said, nothing extravagant. But the decor was just so sweet! It made the experience so much nicer and all I wanted to do was look at the decor the whole time we were there.  The shelter was surrounded in varied coloured bunting with garden tools placed in the shabby brickwork for decoration. Behind the tables was a small garden area with plants and flowers surrounding you, shabby chic decor is a winner.



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