Perfect Your Make-Up Base | Pre-Makeup Skincare Routine

Hello Everyone, 
I thought I'd do a post today discussing a quick routine that I do before I put my make-up on. I use three products and achieve a good base for my make-up in three simple steps. I will also list below the products I use complete with their cost and supplier. Alongside this, I will list a few high street alternatives, which work just as well if you're on a budget coming up to christmas!

Okay, hands up who sometimes forgets to take their make-up off before bed (or does it a bit half-heartedly!). I'm guilty of it and I'm 100% positive I'm not the only one! You work so hard getting your make-up to look good you're reluctant to take it off and '24 hour lasting mascara' isn't going to budge easy. But a little trick, if you apply cleanser/toner before you begin applying foundation etc to your face, any leftover make-up is removed with it! Giving you a clean, fresh base to apply your make-up to.

It is SO important that you apply at least moisturiser before you apply any product to your face. If you don't start with a good base, your make-up will only suffer as a result. It's a given that products blend better and sit better on your skin looking more flawless if your base (i.e. your skin) is clear and healthy. Personally I'd say I have combination skin, I am mainly normal all over but on my cheeks I do get a little bit dry and sensitive when it's cold (which it ALWAYS is in the UK) and a little oily on my forehead. Naturally, I am pretty lucky to have never had acne or large trouble with my skin, but that doesn't mean I don't need to maintain it. Skincare is something you should not avoid. 

Step 1, I clean off any excess that wasn't removed the night before (like I said, I sometimes do it half-heartedly!). Usually I use Simple which is my favourite, however, lots of other brands do the same job to the same standard. I find Simple make my skin feel so much fresher and removed much quicker. Then I'll take a cotton pad applying cleanser, which can be bought in cream or liquid form. I choose 'cleansing water' as it's a much thinner consistency to use before my make-up is applied. I use the NUXE paris cleansing water, the product is made using rose petals so it smells sensational and it just feels so fresh for my skin.

Next I apply, moisturiser. I use the Origins 'Make a Difference Plus' moisturiser which I must say, is a perfect product. It makes such a difference to your skin and feels so soft instantly after one use. It is a fairly expensive product for it's quantity of 50ml, which isn't necessary. If you can't afford an expensive moisturiser, it isn't essential. 

Finally, I suffer so badly with dark under-eye circles. Yes, it's pretty much the worst thing ever. So,  I apply an eye brightening cream for my under-eyes just to make it appear a little less puffy and dark before I completely drown it in concealer. I love this product, it certainly makes a huge difference to me. Again, this quantity is small and is expensive. This comes in a 15ml pot, however, as you're applying to a small area, this does last a very long time. 

Products Used:
Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes: Drugstores/High-street such as Boots or Superdrug £3.25
NUXE Cleansing Water With Rose Petals: Space NK £14.50
Origins Make A Difference Plus + : House of Frazer £35.00
Origins GinZing Eye Cream: House of Frazer £20.00

High-Street Alternatives:
Primark Cleansing Wipes: Primark £1.00
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: Boots £4.99
Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser: Boots £4.19
Fade Out Anti-Shadow Eye Brightening Cream: Boots £8.99



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