New York, New York

If like me, you're looking at these photographs wishing you could instantly be transported into the city that never sleeps I apologise sincerely. I was lucky enough to be taken away to New York City last week as a surprise from my boyfriend Jack, a place I had never been, but always dreamed of going to. The city is nothing less than anticipated and I never wanted to leave.

During the visit, we were able to attend typical New Yorkers sporting events such as Yankees baseball and Rangers ice hockey games. I didn't expect myself to enjoy this to the extent that I did, but I absolutely loved it! The atmosphere and the crowd participation is so intensified compared to England's approach. We found ourselves dining at a particular place fairly frequently. A small corner cafe/bar named 'bubby's'. I loved this place purely for the personal touches they added to everything around you. Even the filtered tap water they served you as you sat at your table had a handmade personalized bottle. And to top off on our final evening here, we found ourselves sitting on the table behind Beyoncé, Jay-Z and their little girl Blue-Ivy. I mean, BEYONCÉ and yes she is flaaaaawless. 

As well as the standard tourist outings the USA has to offer, we managed to attend a show on Broadway. My ultimate dream, to see a Broadway production. I did want to see Les Miserables, however, my boyfriend would have never forgiven me for putting him through "a show about singing miserable people". We concluded with Aladdin, which was mind blowing.
My only disappointment was the shops! Yes, I know! I can't believe I'm saying it either. Everyone told me before visiting, how amazing the shopping was and how affordable it was in comparison to England. However, when I arrived I found everything to be equal value if not overpriced and the stock was pretty much the same. Due to Americas tax being added on to each purchase at the till point (which you quickly forget!) it becomes more expensive than you think. In the build up to my holiday, I had the staff in my local Space NK (pretty much my second home as they all know more about my life than I do) gushing about how amazing Sephora is and how jealous they were. But, when I walked in, I didn't see the fuss. Yes, it's like having all the beauty high street brands in one store is Debenhams, House of Frazer, Space NK. The atmosphere of the store just wasn't pleasant for me, but I can't put my finger on exactly why, I iust didn't see why it was so special. I just wasn't blown away by it sadly. 
Looking at these photographs now whilst sitting in my living room watching modern family re-runs makes me realise just how wonderful the city really is. 

Oh, and, these photographs illustrate my shameful use of a selfie stick. I cannot condone this behaviour...(but they're incredible!)



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