NARS Sheer Glow vs All Day Luminous | Foundation Review

So, as NARS currently only have two foundations on the market and I have had both foundations for a while now I have been able to conduct a thorough review of both of them. Surprisingly, I was very late in trying NARS products alltogether, I don't know why exactly but I do regret not trying them sooner. Just as an overall rule, NARS is incredible, I am yet to find a product from NARS that I can't stand. The Sheer Glow foundation was released first, however, I tried the All Day Luminous before I purchased Sheer Glow. I'm a little backwards on this one.

Starting with the All Day Luminous Weightless' foundation, I was sceptical to try it. I mean, when you see a foundation which claims to have a 16 hour + wear, weightless feel and full flawless coverage, you're bound to be a bit sceptical of it working. It certainly sounded too good to be true. When I first bought it (all the way back in March!) it cost me £32 and I got matched in the shade Deauville. Not my shade, but I was a bit more tanned back then. Instantly I fell in love with it. This does achieve a fuller, flawless coverage. The foundation on your skin just looks incredible. I found it does stay on longer than most foundations do, but this is also the job of your primer and powder. If you have a good primer and powder this should keeping your make up on for you also, so don't just settle on this foundation for that reason alone! There's plenty of alternatives if this particular product doesn't benefit your skin. I must admit, I adored it. I did find it achieved everything it claimed to do and felt incredibly lightweight.

Just before my holiday to New York, I went in to restock on my All Day Luminous foundation and walked out with Sheer Glow in my actual shade, which is Mont Blanc costing £31. I really liked this foundation. It blends so easily, you can literally apply the foundation to your whole face in under a minute and it looks perfect. The coverage is a million times thinner than All Day Luminous, but it is certainly buildable. I always apply additional of the product to my cheeks and I find this achieves the coverage I want. This foundation does feel weightless, it feels as if I have no make up on my face whatsoever.

Overall, I found it entirely comes down to personal preference. Neither of the foundations are bad or low quality. They Both achieve different looks. Personally, I alternate depending on how I feel and want to look that day. Currently I am using the Sheer Glow. As i'm exceptionally pale, I do not suit full coverage foundations as well as generally they make my face appear 'cakey' due to my extremely pale complexion. But the All Day Luminous doesn't do this. If you prefer a fuller coverage this would be more suited to your skin. I still keep both foundations in my beauty collection to be used for different occasions.

Basically, I just love NARS ...did I mention that? I am pretty much swooning at the thought of it.


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  2. Great post! I currently use NARS sheer glow but I've been thinking about switching, so this is really helpful! Would love if you could check out my recent post? :)

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  3. Aww thank you so much! :] I was the same but in reverse! I just saw everyone loving the sheer glow and was like 'hmm maybe I should switch to that!' I just found there wasn't many posts or youtube videos comparing the two so I figured i'd do one! yes definitely i'd love to, i love reading new blogs! what's the link to your blog? xx