Kylie Jenner Bra Trick? | Victoria's Secret.

I'm assuming, like me, many of you find yourselves heavily intrigued by the lives of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. I follow all of them on every form of social media it seems (guilty!) and therefore I, like many others, saw the Kylie Jenner bra trick she posted on her Instagram this week linking to her website (just incase you didn't, i'll post it below!)

Copyright; Kylie Jenner Instagram. 

Kylie claimed the secret to her increased cleavage was due to the 'Bombshell x2 cup size' bra by Victoria's Secret. (Anyone else always miss the 's from Victoria, or is it just me?!). Since seeing this, I was shocked at the difference it actually made! I instantly wanted to purchase one to see if they were as good as Kylie recommended. 

This week, I went to my nearest Victoria's Secret in Sheffield and began by getting remeasured etc as i've been told sizes at Victoria's Secret can be different from your ordinary size. The staff were extremely helpful and accommodating finding me the right size, colour etc. Instantly when I mentioned the Bombshell bra, the sales assistant responded "Did you see the Kylie Jenner video?", explaining how the video had boosted their sales drastically in just a few days.

I purchased one of the Bombshell bras costing me £50, in the US I'm sure it's around $70 variable. Yes, it is expensive! but, I would say it's worth it. I say completely honestly it is the BEST thing I've ever purchased in the underwear department. Sadly I'm not naturally graced with large assets (unlike all the other females in my family seem to...!) and this bra did absolute wonders for me. I also found that compared to most push-up bras, it's also comfortable! The first wear is always tighter and the dreaded underwire vs my ribs war begins. This bra was perfect, never had any discomfort and the colour/detailing in the design is just absolutely beautiful.

However, please note; the cup sizes are HUGE, purely due to the massive padding inside. The padding is very soft but it does cause the cup size to appear a lot larger. Believe it or not...the cup size on the photograph is a B and yet it is almost the size of my head. Because of this, they also don't do every back size in each cup. This is why on my photographs a back extender has been added, as my back size was not available. 

But, this bra does achieve the Kylie Jenner look we all crave!



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