Kitten Spam | It's National Cat Day!

It's #NationalCatDay! 

Pretty much using this day as an excuse to spam you all with pictures of my little pride and joy - my kitten Ollie. I have had him only 5 months and I love him to pieces! You may be a cat person or a dog person, but either way you can't escape the cuteness overload right here!

When we first bought him he was skin and bone barely weighing half a kilogram and now he is so happy, healthy and loving, it just makes you so proud seeing him run around like a loon. 

He may think he is Simba from the Lion King, however, he is way too pampered (my fault entireley!) he wouldn't survive a day without his igloo bed or his fancy food, which costs me £20 a bag because of his dietary requirements. Totally not resenting him about that fact...

But how can you not love him?