Autumnal Reflection

My all time favourite season is drowning the streets in beautiful brown and golden leaves. Even writing this I am sat wearing my ultra-fluffy dressing gown, extra thick wooly socks and pyjamas (it's 2pm in the afternoon, don't judge me) trying to cosy up. I opened my front door and for the second time already this season, I've seen two baby hedgehogs outside scattering in the leaves, beyond adorable. 

As by the end of this week Halloween will be over and we'll all be getting excited for christmas, I am clinging onto every aspect of my cosy autumn decor combined with scary baby pumpkins on my windowsill. On Friday, I purchased my first piece of Christmas decor and I cannot contain my excitement. I love Christmas, it's my favourite holiday. I don't think it's normal to love Christmas as much as I do. Who else can't wait for Christmas!?

However, just for now, everyone take the time to appreciate the beauty that is Autumn. 



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